Paradise Squashed

The townspeople gathered online

To say goodbye, cheer and whine,

Because Tom Merkel’s cabin is now gone

And the Forest Service has a bigger lawn.

Piles of remnants of bohemian culture

Were swept away, producing strange closure

On an era many never got to know

Because it recently existed on the down low.

Once there were many more like him -

Santa Barbara was nearly all bohemian -

But here you either move up or out,

So some are cheering while others pout.

Tom no longer has hundreds of Cadillacs

Like he did when Summerland was where he made tracks,

Nor has he a cabin on a piece of Paradise,

So perhaps he won’t think of us like sugar and spice…

But at least some of us will think fondly of him

And Santa Barbara’s (once) Oldest Cabin

Wishing that Folk Art Magic Museum

Had been backed by more carpe-diem.

Inspired by comments found here and here.

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