I Tell Ya

So, the owners of the New York Mets agreed to pay $162 million to settle claims that they willfully blinded themselves to Bernie Madoff’s epic Ponzi scheme, but Mitt Romney is saying that ignorance to his own profit-making with Bain in China is to be ignored? I never heard of no-fault communism. I tell ya, these Republicans are a hoot.

What about Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney all promising voters a non-affordable war with Iran when diesel is $5 gallon now? Right, Batman. At least Obama has refused to have his Defense Department be led around by the nose. The nation-building media can demand war against Iran until oil prices are astronomical and the cows come home, I don’t care. We don’t attack rational nations.

Meanwhile, Chevron is making record profits while drilling for oil atop the backs of our troops, yet I see no volunteering of funds for the overwhelming number of troops coming home. Who benefits more from American protection overseas than Chevron? These drill-happy Republicans talk tough on war but where are they to clean up the mess?

And fuel costs: If Obama interfered with any world market he’d be called a socialist all the more by the bailed-out Right.

Pushing an unequal tax plan for rich and poor, destroying any sense of nationhood by doing so – any voter clambering for a deregulation-happy international banker like Romney is like the crew of the Titanic clambering for more icebergs. Romney’s advisor on the Middle East, Eric Edelman, said years back that any mention of American troops exiting Iraq was un-American. Oh, right, so – tear down more statues of Saddam Hussein? As for Gingrich, Newty has made his agenda the desires of a foreign nation which, according to Henry Kissinger in 1969, is most likely of all nations to use an atomic bomb. And Santorum? He claims he is Catholic, but his positions on labor, torture, Palestine, immigration and justifiable war – well, aren’t Catholic. Maybe try The U.S. Army School of the Americas, Rick!

Whew, what a crew.

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