Vote Ron Paul for President

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
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Yes, Ron Paul is still in the 2012 race for President, having won a majority of delegates in Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Iowa, and Minnesota. He is the only candidate that is solidly committed to the constitutional government that made us the free people we are. Ron Paul believes in sound money, avoiding needless foreign wars, and protecting our constitutional freedoms. These are the foundational principles for creating jobs and a booming economy.

It was Thomas Jefferson who said, “Banking institutions having the issuing power of money are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies.” Our Constitution gave the issuing power of money to Congress to protect our freedoms and liberties. Without Congressional oversight, the Federal Reserve has given trillions of dollars to their friends on Wall Street and foreign governments and banks. Like President Kennedy in an earlier generation, Ron Paul wants to re-establish Congressional authority over money in order to provide for a sound monetary policy and more stable economy.

It is time to return to a common-sense foreign policy that puts America’s security first: not fighting expensive undeclared wars, not policing the world, and not engaging in so-called “nation building.” We have over 900 military installations and military personnel in over 130 countries – far in excess of any national defense need. It should be obvious that our national defense is not served by an excessive involvement and resultant “blowback” by our military entanglement in just about every nation in the world. Ron Paul is not in favor of the expensive and aggressive interventionist foreign policy that we now have. Ron Paul is for a strong national defense; after all, defending our nation is the federal government’s most important duty.

Ron Paul is a champion of our precious and constitutionally guaranteed liberties and rights. He actively opposes internet censorship due to its violation of the First Amendment (free speech). He strongly opposes the Patriot Act’s violation of the Fourth Amendment (search and seizure). He voted against the National Defense Authorization Act because of the violation of the Fifth Amendment (due process). Ron Paul has consistently voted to protect our freedoms.

Why is America in its current crisis? Because we continue to drift further and further from our timeless and proven founding principles. As a 12-term member of Congress, Ron Paul is consistent in his message of proclaiming liberty and adherence to the tried and true ideals that have kept and preserved us as a nation. For the June 5 primary, vote for liberty; vote for Ron Paul.

Kevin Walsh is the former General Manager of Goleta Water District and lives with his family in the Santa Ynez Valley.

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