Inappropriate Language

I was offended when I read the listing for an upcoming event at our church. [The Week, “How to Talk to Animals,” 5/1/712.] While profanity does not shock me in the least, it did shock me to see it used to describe our event. One of the words used was crude and highly inappropriate. I would like your readers to know that the choice of wording does not reflect our church’s values, but yours. Was this an attempt on the part of The Independent to be cutting-edge, controversial or cute? Instead, it was disrespectful and indiscriminate. While we appreciate that your paper serves the public by publishing events for free, apparently there was a cost after all and I’m sorry that we had to pay it. We shouldn’t have to disclaim your words, but we do.

Judy Campbell-Clark is pastor at the Spiritualist Church of the Comforter

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