Learning from History

I know that many people think that North Korea and its leadership are crazy, but in reality they may be right, and certainly doing what is best for their leadership, and most likely their people. Think I’m crazy? Hear me out:

We have learned from the fact that North Korea blusters a lot that they probably don’t intend to attack the United States, South Korea, or anyone else. We have learned from their history that this is how they act.

Is it not fair for North Korea to learn from the history of the United States how we act?

So what has North Korea learned? They saw the United States in action in Iraq, and to a lesser extent in Libya. They heard Iraq say again and again that they did not have weapons of mass destruction and indeed they did not have them. Yet the United States attacked, killing by some estimates a million people, and wounding many, many more while turning the country upside down.

Iraq learned that the United States does not respect unarmed countries, and has no problems invading and attacking if a country is not armed. Does this not sound like a good reason to arm yourself as well as possible? With nuclear arms, maybe? North Korea was not attacked, because it was armed. Iraq was attacked, because it was not armed. North Korea’s acts seem logical.

Being armed is not worth anything if the United States does not know positively that you are armed. Good enough reason to test your nukes, missiles …? Absolutely!

You must also convince the United States that you will use your nuclear weapons if provoked. What better way to do this than blustering and making threats. This tells the United States that if we cross even the slightest boundaries, they might attack! Brilliant!

Having learned from the United States in Iraq, combined with the fact that the United States would not listen to Iraq, to the U.N., or to anybody else when they wanted to attack, the one way to assure that your people do not get killed or wounded like millions of Iraqis is to have nuclear weapons. Being peaceful obviously did not cut it for Iraq, or for Libya, yet having nuclear arms, and showing that you have them has seemed to work well for North Korea.

In the future, I believe we will find that North Korea will not use their nuclear weapons or start a war. That would be crazy! I believe I have shown that North Korea is not crazy.

Crazy would be attacking an unarmed country for no real reason at a cost of trillions of dollars, and thousands of U.S. lives. And North Korea has got to guard against this type of craziness, which has been exhibited by the United States of America.

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