No U.S. Missiles into Syria

Open Letter to Rep. Lois Capps,

As veterans and members of Veterans for Peace, we are writing to you to request that you consider voting against the use of missiles against Syria.

It is time for the United States government to stop the cycle of nation-bombing whenever a country does something that is considered illegal or immoral. The U.S. feels it is its duty and right to wreak havoc upon that nation by using bombs and by invasion. Such is the current scenario with Syria.

There’s no doubt that the use of chemical weapons is despicable and its use should be prohibited. However, the investigation (which is not yet completed) and penalty should come from the United Nations, whose charter states that it is their responsibility to act in such matters. Although the United States has the largest military in the world, it is not responsible for acting as a global police force.

Instead let’s focus on the many problems facing our country, support and enable the UN in its role, and get out of the business of nation-bombing. Surely our founding fathers did not conceive our country with this role in mind.

Please have the courage to stand up to the Obama administration and support the wishes of your constituency and encourage other politicians to use their moral guide and political power to vote against the launching of missiles into Syria.

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