I love our Country, but I can see

I love our Country, but I can see

it’s not a true democracy.

The party here that sets the rule

is either the Elephant or the Mule,

but both have to answer in the end

to the powers that do set the trend.

No matter what, they have to dance

to the powerful tune of high finance

and they certainly would not dare

to fight capitalistic “laissez faire”.

It’s sad to say, but it’s the case

that big business puts them in their place.

So that will influence their vote

and they’ll avoid to rock the boat.

Another player in the action

is the powerful religious faction.

They do not want to see a diction

that is not based on mythical fiction.

What they believe in is the right

to oppose clear reason in their fight.

They want a chance to set their sights

on chopping away at the Bill of Rights

and then remove that what they hate,

the separation of Church and State.

Racism is still a problem here

And many people make it clear

in spite that twice he’s been voted in,

they don’t like a leader with a darker skin.

So they fight every decision he makes

no matter how simple are the stakes.

I for one do not like his decision

to use our tax money to favor religion.

All citizens for their property do pay,

while religious ownership still gets away.

Praying at government meetings is not right.

What God do they pray to without causing a fight?

There are thousands of religions on this planet.

So which one is your favorite tenet?

Let science and good sense lead the way

And go to a church if you want to pray.

I hope that we all will realize

that to reason is not dumb but wise

and that if we want to set the pace

to do what’s right for the human race,

we’ll have to change our course of action

and get a different type of election

where one with no church affiliations

and does not depend on huge donations

can be elected and lead our land

into a future that’s really grand.

At the age I am, when time flies by,

I won’t see this happen, but I can dream, can I?

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