Paul Wellman

Matt Kettmann

DO IT ISLAND-STYLE: Years ago, when Senior Editor Matt Kettmann (right) first heard the Rusacks were planting a vineyard on Catalina with decades-old grapevines from Santa Cruz Island, he was immediately intrigued, as it combined three of his favorite things: history, wine, and the Channel Islands. Since then, he’s scoured Santa Cruz with Geoff Rusack for the remnant vines, flown to Catalina twice — seen here this past August on the left with Rusack (center) and winemaker Steve Gerbac — and penned a 2012 article on the project for the New York Times. “I have one bottle of that first harvest of the zinfandel,” said Kettmann. “I know it tastes great, but I don’t think I’m ever going to drink it. It’s too cool to just pour in a glass.”

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