A hammerhead shark confronts divers off Anacapa Island.

A hammerhead shark confronts divers off Anacapa Island.

VIDEO: Rare Hammerhead Shark Sighting off Anacapa Island

A Spearfishing Group Chummed the Water then Filmed the Encounter

A video posted on YouTube last month but now gaining viral steam shows a group of Santa Barbara spearfishers surprised and stoked by the appearance of a scalloped hammerhead shark near their boat off Anacapa Island. Rather than let the sighting end their day, they chopped up some of their catch, tossed it in the water, strapped on GoPro cameras, and dove in. The hammerhead — a relatively rare find in the Santa Barbara Channel — appears curious and a bit aggressive and is kept at a distance from the divers by an unloaded spear gun.

The video was filmed by Santa Barbara resident Forrest Galante, who The Independent profiled here. Galante, a former contestant on Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid reality series, describes himself on his Twitter and Facebook pages as an adventurer, survivalist, freediver, biologist, and foodie.

Watch the clip below.

Warning: Contains explicit language.

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