From the Heart to Humanity

February 14, 2018

Terror in the hallways
the fight for
human freedom
and existence

Shattering the
sacked temples
of our education

liberty’s call

Succumbing to
the plight
of the deadly
Fox News

Terror in the hallways
of true democracy

trembling in fear

gasping for breath

Hearts literally
breaking in half.

Students fight back;
Shaking up
the pillars

Of the freedom bound
demanding that
truth be told

From United States senators
the Congress

And the president
pro tem

The wisdom
of these young people

is profound, strong, and

<> <> <> <>

How can anyone argue
with a young man or woman
who has been tortured

By an assasin
at an educational

The school,
I believe,
is the most

Of all
of the world

The holy place
where all come

For a higher purpose
That of the

And the sharing
of many different

The sensation of
true adventure

By befriending
people of all
walks of life

The triumph of

The quest
for love and

This is why
we come to school

No student or
should ever
an educational facility

This is our fundamental
freedom flight

Our gift for

And upholding
the welfare of
our society

The school is
democracy’s greatest offering

To the world
for the preservation
of life itself

Here is my
to the insanity

Of the deadly
bullet machine

Ban all semi-automatic
and automatic
rifles from existence

Ban all “magazines”
capable of holding
more than one bullet
from existence

(Bullet number in
chamber in
the handgun
will be
discussed) later!

Give the people
of the United States
of America

Six weeks
to hand in all of those

Insane versions
of “fear, anxiety,
and protection.”

The federal government
will pay back

Everyone who needs the
funds, in full,
for their

Failure to do so
will bring

Extreme consequences
if caught with
such a weapon

(To be determined)

Our very essence
of freedom, democracy
and liberty is at stake.


A note of
and observation

By creating
the ultimate
assault rifle

And “handing” these over
to our citizens,

We have given credence
and permission
to the free use
of these
killing machines

The byproduct of
this fractured
brain response

is children of all ages
hiding in closets in

Hiding under desks
praying for the bullets
to stop firing

Seeing friends
being shot
for absolutely
no reason
at all

Please join us
in stopping
this insanity

The thought
of going to
a concert to see

One of your favorite
all time performers

And having to run for
your life

At the hands of an intrepid
leaves me speechless
and extremely angry!

Surely this is
not what our

Strived so hard for
to come to the
promised land

to start a better

They deserve so much
better, and so do
every one of us.

The time
is now

Be the hero
allow your children
to praise you
to thank you!
Be their hero

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