What Job Is Right for You?

Use Your Personality to Find Your Career

Should you be an engineer or a teacher? An artist or a technician? Understanding your personality can be extremely helpful in determining which careers will be a good fit.

There are many personality-type assessments out there, from the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator to the Winslow Personality Profile. But one that focuses specifically on connecting people to their dream jobs is the nonprofit automated guidance system

“Our goal at Eureka is to help people figure out who they are,” said Sumyyah Bilal, Eureka’s director. She said that one of the most important parts of that process is discovering your “transferable skills,” which most people don’t even know they have because they aren’t the skills we learn in school; they’re skills we have developed since birth.

Eureka has six different self-assessments that help people figure out who they are before matching them to possible careers. Similar to Myers–Briggs (except a little easier to interpret), they present four different personality types: Orange, Blue, Green, and Gold.


You’re adaptable, fearless, competitive, and creative. Growing up, you liked to be the center of attention and your teachers often had to remind you to raise your hand in class. You would consider yourself a hands-on learner.

Career matches: artist, performer, politician, sales associate


You’re authentic, compassionate, nurturing, and inspiring. Your biggest fear is dying alone, and your friends love to tell you about all of their problems. Finding meaning and purpose in your life is very important to you.

Career matches: communications, human services, education, health care


You’re insightful, independent, responsible, and focused. In high school you were a loner and sometimes people called you a know-it-all. You live by your own standards and never leave a task or project unfinished.

Career matches: Scientist, technician, engineer, economist


You’re organized, routine oriented, morally driven, and helpful. In school, you took pride in being the “teacher’s pet” and never had a hard time following rules. You consider yourself to be a good citizen and you’re never late for anything.

Career matches: Administrator, mechanic, clerk, officer

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