Pop & Rock

Get to Know Maru

DIY Noise Pop at Its Finest

What happens when you mix two of the music scene’s brightest young bands? In this case, a throwback to all that was good about ‘90s alt-rock. Read story.

Get to Know The Caverns

Funk Zone Staples Up the Cover Band Game

From Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd, this young trio is making us rethink the term “cover band.” Read story.

Get to Know Vamp

Psych Rock Delivered Low and Slow

Dark, brooding, and eerily appealing, Vamp is making a vie for Tom Waits’ next-of-kin. Read story.

Mångo Mångo

’80s Synth Pop Meets “Sweater Vest Disco”

We fell hard for these synth-toting newcomers and their fluid mix of smooth disco and catchy dance beats. Read story.

Get to Know Lucy Langlas

S.B.’s Reigning Dreamy Folk Songstress

There’s an ineffable quality to Lucy Langlas’ folky finger-plucked guitars and sweetly timid deliveries. Read story.

Los Stellarians

SA Martinez and Ryan Siegel Have Soul

SA Martinez’s latest outing is breathing new life into some Cali soul’s deepest cuts. Read story.

Get to Know The Internet

Post-Punk Meets Art-Pop

Fuzzy power chords, sunny melodies, and lo-fi production tactics get mixed and mangled by these Santa Barbara shoegazers. Read story.

The Music Issue

Meet 14 of Santa Barbara’s Hottest New Acts

Get to know 14 of Santa Barbara's brightest new musical acts. Read story.

Pacific Haze

Carpinteria Jam Rockers Prepare to Hit the Road

From Jerry Garcia to Gregg Allman, this Carp quintet is worshiping at the altar of the blues rock heroes. Read story.

Chaye Tione

Bringing Positivity Back to the Rap Game

Positive vibes are the name of the game for this young emcee, whose conscious raps are as feel-good as they are groove-worthy. Read story.

Sun Daes

Tones and Textures

Sunny, warm, nostalgic, and catchy are just a few of the words we’re using to describe these Isla Vista surf rockers. Read story.

Get to Know swordthrume

Thoroughly Emotive Beats

Emotive, naturalistic, and evocative, swordthrume's productions are fully capable of standing alone. Read story.

FMLYBND Roars Back to Life

Isla Vista Exports Unveil New EP

The Isla Vista synth rockers unveil a new four-song EP. Read story.

Gerard Way

The former My Chemical Romance frontman comes out swinging with this solo debut. Read story.

Review: Ryan Adams at the Arlington Theatre

Rock Guitars, Side-Splitting Nonsense on Wednesday, October 1

We laughed, we cried, and we watched Ryan Adams make up a new song that’s kind of about voting. Read story.

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