Spin of the Day

Christopher Zerbe Makes Great Melodies and Harmonies with Jangly Guitars

Solid Set of Songs Recalls R.E.M., Tom Petty

This solid set of songs recalls R.E.M. and Tom Petty. Read story.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Return with ‘The Getaway’

Time Has Mellowed the L.A. Band

Time has mellowed the L.A. rock band. Read story.

John Doe’s ‘The Westerner’

Latest Album Captures Southern Arizona Vibe

The album’s solemn strums and locomotive rhythms nail that Southern Arizona vibe. Read story.

Various Artists ‘Day of the Dead’

Grateful Dead Tribute Features Lucinda Williams and Courtney Barnett, Plus Many More

The Grateful Dead tribute features Lucinda Williams and Courtney Barnett, plus many more. Read story.

Bob Dylan Revisits the Great American Songbook

‘Fallen Angels’ Continues the Singer’s Tin Pan Alley Nostalgia Kick

Fallen Angels’ continues the singer’s Tin Pan Alley nostalgia kick. Read story.

Beck Releases New Single

“WOW” Fails to Ignite

This echo-y, almost jokey, slow-burning, electro-pop party anthem never quite ignites. Read story.

Chance the Rapper’s ‘Coloring Book’

Soaring Gospel, Horns, and a Touch of Thug

Soaring Gospel, Horns, and a Touch of Thug Read story.

Mavis Staples Releases 15th Studio Album

‘Livin' On a High Note’ is Warm, Joyful, and Life-Affirming Read story.

Einstürzende Neubauten Reminds That War Is Ever Present

‘Lament’ Features Industrial Clanging Sounds

‘Lament’ features industrial clanging sounds evoking mass weapon production. Read story.

Death Grips is Back with ‘Bottomless Pit’

Latest Album is a Wild, Fever-Dream Ride

The band’s latest album is a wild, fever-dream ride. Read story.

Emily Wryn Weaves Wintry Woe on ‘Feral’

Carefully Crafted Album Conjures Dark Atmospheres

The carefully crafted album conjures dark atmospheres. Read story.

Conner Cherland Releases ‘Wanting Man’

Album Shows Impressive Guitar Chops and Steadfast Confidence

Album shows impressive guitar chops and steadfast confidence. Read story.

Melody Parker’s ‘Archipelago’ Exuberantly Experimental

Album Bustles with Playful Energy and Mental Precision

Album bustles with playful energy and mental precision. Read story.

2 Chainz & Lil Wayne

Rappers Reteam for ‘ColleGrove’

Rappers reteam for their latest collaboration, ‘ColleGrove’ Read story.

Radiohead's Newest Graceful and Dark

'A Moon Shaped Pool' Like Moonlight on Water

'A Moon Shaped Pool' like moonlight on water Read story.

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