Capitol Letters

Conklin Says Church Doctrines Won’t Matter as Mayor

“I Love People, Regardless of What Their Backgrounds Are”

“I love people, regardless of what their backgrounds are.” Read story.

Conklin Safe from Santa Barbara Term Limits Law

The Mayoral Candidate Recently Unearthed the 1994 Court Ruling

The mayoral candidate recently unearthed the 1994 court ruling. Read story.

Democrats Have to Win Big in California to Recoup D.C. Power

Targets Include 23 Seats That Republicans Won in Districts Where Trump Lost to Clinton

Targets include 23 seats that Republicans won in districts where Trump lost to Clinton. Read story.

Trump Justice

The Donald's High Court Win Displays His Power to Remake Federal Judiciary

The Donald’s high court win displays his power to remake the federal judiciary. Read story.

Brown’s Winning Recipe for Gas Tax Hike

He Made Infrastructure Sausage with a Blend of Pork Barrel Politics

He made infrastructure sausage with a blend of pork barrel politics. Read story.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s Double-Edged Diplomacy

Senior Statesman Firm in Disagreement but Restrained in Rhetoric

The senior statesman was firm in his disagreement but restrained in rhetoric. Read story.

Trump’s Trouble with the Truth

How Ingrid Bergman’s First Oscar Presaged Presidential Gaslighting 

Ingrid Bergman’s first Oscar presaged presidential gaslighting. Read story.

The State of Sativa

As Legal Weed Looms, Good and Bad News for California Stoners

As legal weed looms, good and bad news for California stoners. Read story.

Trump By the Numbers

A Quantitative Look at the First Weeks of the New Regime

A quantitative look at the first weeks of the new regime. Read story.

Trump and the Death of Truth

How 'Alternative Facts' Portend Chilling New Era of Propaganda

How "alternative facts" portend chilling new era of propaganda. Read story.

How The Donald Could Blow a $100 Billion Hole in California's Budget

That's How Much Federal Money Now Flows Through the StateThat's how much federal money now flows through the state.

That's how much federal money now flows through the state. Read story.

Becerra Poised to Lead Nation’s Anti-Trump Struggle

New State AG Stands as Progressive Vanguard to President-Elect’s Cabinet of Ideologues, Plutocrats, and Kleptocratic Cronies

The new state AG stands as the progressive vanguard to president-elect’s cabinet of ideologues, plutocrats, and kleptocratic cronies. Read story.

Justin Fareed (Finally) Concedes 24th to Salud Carbajal

Despite Campaign Zillions, Best Vote Predictor Is Partisan Registration

Despite campaign zillions, best vote predictor is partisan registration. Read story.

The Great Exception

Big Conflicts Loom as Trump's Not Deemed President of California

Big conflicts loom as Trump’s not deemed president of California. Read story.

The Email Election

How Cybersecurity Came to Shape the 2016 Race, and Why It Matters

This is how cybersecurity came to shape the 2016 race, and why it matters. Read story.

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