Capitol Letters

Dick and Mickey Flacks: Two Lifetimes on the Left

Santa Barbara's Pioneering Progressive Couple Pens Memoir

Santa Barbara's pioneering progressive couple pens a memoir of marriage and social justice. Read story.

High Court Vindicates Newsom’s Gay Marriage Gambit

His 2004 Move as San Francisco Mayor Brought the Issue Out of the Closet

His 2004 move as San Francisco mayor brought the issue out of the closet. Read story.

Democrats Practice Self-Destructive Politics

They're Battering Moderates in Their Own Party in California and Across the Nation

They're battering moderates in their own party in California and across the nation. Read story.

Capps Coup

Why Lois’s Endorsement of Salud Matters, Plus Political Updates on the Spill

Why Lois’s endorsement of Salud matters, plus political updates on the spill. Read story.

Erosion of Power in Refugio Spill Cleanup

Enviros Decry Brown's Crippling of Key Coast Protection Agency

Enviros decry Brown’s crippling of key coast protection agency. Read story.

Disneyland Dems

Amid U.S. Senate Scrap, Santa Barbara Pols Jockey at State Convention

Amid U.S. Senate scrap, Santa Barbara pols jockey at state convention. Read story.

Capps Family Matters

Laura Capps Withdraws from 24th CD, Setting up a Three-Way Race for Two Spots

Laura Capps withdraws from 24th CD, setting up a three-way race for two spots Read story.

The World After Lois

Six Takeaways About the Wide-Open Race to Replace Santa Barbara's Retiring Congressmember

Six takeaways about the wide-open race to replace Santa Barbara's retiring congressmember. Read story.

Murder By Initiative

Ballot Proposal to Kill Gays Sets Off Free-Speech Debate

Ballot proposal to kill gays sets off free-speech debate. Read story.

Family Business

Lois Capps Kin — Ex-Obama Aide and Top Political Consultant — Settles in S.B.

Lois Capps kin — ex-Obama aide and top political consultant — settles in Santa Barbara Read story.

Hell Freezes Over

GOP Convention — Finally! — Allows Gay Republican Club into the Party

GOP convention — finally! — allows gay Republican club into the party. Read story.

Mega-Drought Mega-Trends

Why Rain Is Not the Answer to California’s Desperate Search for Water

Why rain is not the answer to California’s desperate search for water. Read story.

Nanny State

From Cheerleaders to Cats, Conservatives Blanch at Democratic Doctrine

From cheerleaders to cats, conservatives blanch at Democratic doctrine. Read story.

Generation Next

Boxer’s Farewell and Brown’s Last Inaugural Trigger Fracas at the Kids’ Table

Boxer’s farewell and Brown’s last inaugural trigger fracas at the kids’ table. Read story.

Election Day Takeaways

California Resists GOP Tide

From Brown’s landslide to approval of prison reform, California resists GOP tide. Read story.

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