Capitol Letters

True Lies

For Republicans, Arnold’s Personal Scandal Is Consistent with His Political Betrayal

For Republicans, Arnold’s personal scandal is consistent with his political betrayal. Read story.

All Against All

Brown Forecasts Brutal Statewide Brawl If His Latest Fiscal Plan Doesn't Pass

Brown forecasts brutal statewide brawl if his latest fiscal plan doesn’t pass. Read story.

It's Complicated

Higher-than-Forecast Tax Revenues Make Brown's Budget Sell More Difficult

Higher-than-forecast tax revenues make Brown’s budget sell more difficult. Read story.

California Pioneer

Renowned Reporter Recounts a Life Spent Knocking Down Barriers of Race and Gender

A renowned reporter recounts a life spent knocking down barriers of race and gender. Read story.

Taxing Times

With Capitol Still Flummoxed About Budget, a Look at How Much Californians Send to Sacto

With Capitol still flummoxed over budget, a look at how much Californians send to Sacto. Read story.

No More Mr. Nice Guv

Brown Launches Public Campaign for Budget Plan as Private Talks with GOP Collapse

Brown launches public campaign for budget plan as private talks with GOP collapse. Read story.

Grand Old Pandemonium

In Search for Political Relevance, State Republicans Mostly Battle Each Other

In search for political relevance, state Republicans mostly battle each other. Read story.

Deal or No Deal?

Brown's Old School Horse Trading Style Faces New GOP's No Compromise Spirit

Brown’s old school horse trading style faces new GOP’s no compromise spirit. Read story.

Capps: ‘I’m Running’

Dem Incumbent Firm on 2012 as GOP Veteran Makes a Move on Her House Seat

Dem incumbent firm on 2012 as GOP veteran makes a move on her House seat. Read story.

Investigating the Investigator

Dem Operatives Play Hardball with GOP Congressional Chief Inquisitor Darrell Issa

Dem operatives play hardball with GOP congressional chief inquisitor Darrell Issa. Read story.

T-Ridge Returns

State Budget Analyst's Worst-Case Scenario Resurrects S.B. Offshore Oil Project

State budget analyst’s worst-case scenario resurrects S.B. offshore oil project. Read story.

Wild Card Race

Dems Jostle Over New Election Rules as GOP Leaders Bemoan Their Party's Death

Dems jostle over new election rules as GOP leaders bemoan their party’s “death” Read story.

Power to the People

Jerry Brown Equates Mideast Populist Battles to Political Fight About His Budget Plan

Jerry Brown equates Mideast populist battles to political fight about his budget plan. Read story.

Honest Abe, Political Consultant

A California Post-Election Confab Finds There's Nothing New Under the Sun

A California post-election confab finds there’s nothing new under the sun Read story.

Game On

Brown’s Honeymoon Ends Quickly as All Sides Squeal About His New State Spending Plan

Brown’s honeymoon ends quickly as all sides squeal about his new state spending plan. Read story.

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