Capitol Letters

Fringe Festival

Scenes from California’s Oddball Republican Party Convention

Scenes from California’s oddball Republican Party convention. Read story.

Hot Buttons

GOP Contenders Must Decide If Tea Party Primary Support Will Play in General Election

GOP contenders must decide if Tea Party primary support will play in general election. Read story.

Appeaser in Chief

State Voters Still Favor Obama, But Dems Say He's Giving Away Store to GOP

State voters still favor Obama, but Dems say he’s giving away the store to GOP. Read story.

By the Numbers

California Joins National Movement to Change the Way Presidents Are Elected

California joins national movement to change the way presidents are elected. Read story.

D.C. Hearts Abel

Maldonado Gets New Boost from National Republicans in His Bid to Beat Capps

Maldonado gets new boost from national Republicans in his bid to beat Capps. Read story.

All In

Jackson, Hodge, and Stoker set for Senate Race with Williams Out and Nava Still Mulling

Jackson, Hodge, and Stoker set for senate race with Williams out and Nava still mulling. Read story.

Line Dancing

Reshaping of Local Political Turf Offers S.B. Voters Opportunities for Change

Reshaping of local political turf offers S.B. voters opportunities for change Read story.

How Term Limits Failed

Study Shows Political Hacks Still Dominate Sacramento

New study shows political hacks still dominate Sacramento, despite reformer claims. Read story.


Capps Hits Back as GOP Intensifies Its Early Attacks on Her Reelection

Capps hits back as GOP intensifies its early attacks on her reelection. Read story.

Round One

As Brown Signs Democrats-Only Budget, Fight over California's Finances Is Just Getting Started

As Brown signs Democrats-only budget, fight over California’s finances is just getting started. Read story.

First Strike

The Reasons Behind the GOP's Early TV Hit on Lois Capps

The reasons behind the GOP’s early TV hit on Lois Capps. Read story.

Capps Speaks

Santa Barbara's Congressmember Talks War, Health Care, and Taxes

Santa Barbara’s congressmember talks war, health care, and taxes. Read story.

Mapping the Future

Good News, Bad News for Santa Barbara Politicos as New District Lines are Unveiled

Good news, bad news for Santa Barbara politicos as new district lines are unveiled. Read story.

Mixed Messages

Voters Resist Cuts to Public Schools but Oppose Paying More to Avoid Them

Voters resist cuts to public schools but oppose paying more to avoid them. Read story.

Double Deadline

First Look at New Political Maps Could Shake Up Capitol's Partisan Brawl over Taxes

First look at new political maps could shake up Capitol’s partisan brawl over taxes. Read story.

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