Isla Vista Is Disappearing

For decades, the cliffs have been eroding, threatening oceanfront properties. Read story.

Few Smiles in ‘I Smile Back’

But moms may recognize the crazy in Sarah Silverman’s character. Read story.

Zach Doiron Says Goodbye California, Hello North Carolina

Ex-Pacific Haze member heads east; Mike Wilson laments old S.B. Read story.

The Joy of Free Parking

A 75-minute largesse allows cheaper downtown jaunts, courtesy of the city and downtown businesses. Read story.

S.B. Health Status Report

How healthy is our community compared to the rest of California towns? Read story.

Political Aftermath

How the Paris terrorism slaughter reshapes S.B.’s congressional race. Read story.

Extremists, Get Out of My Country

The Chattanooga shooter followed political dogma unguided by religion. Read story.

She Walked in Love and Joy

In all my half-century-plus in newspaper work, after many thousands of words, this is the hardest column I ever wrote. Read story.

Let Lying Dogs Sleep

No home like no place. Read story.

Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?

The mysterious feline case of the creepy cucumber. Read story.

Pilgrimage to Water

Day-long pilgrimages to verify that a water source still flows or that a spring still drips. Read story.

Say It Isn’t So, Ms. Lee

Was it ethical to publish 'Go Set a Watchman' at this point? Read story.

News-Press Threatens Legal Action Against PODER

The paper takes issue with its masthead on the group's Facebook page. Read story.

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