Wildfires 2008

Constant coverage of West Coast wildfires, especially those in Santa Barbara County and the Los Padres National Forest.

Tea Fire Homeowners Owed $420,000

Judge Orders City to Pay Legal Costs and Consultants' Fees

Judge orders city to pay legal costs and consultants' fees. Read story.

Burn Victims Agree to $6 Million Settlement with Tea Garden Owner

Civil Suit Against 'Tea Fire Ten' Continues

Civil suit against “Tea Fire Ten” continues. Read story.

City to Pay Damages to Tea Fire Victims

The city must pay monetary damages to three victims of 2008’s Tea Fire who lost their homes and were prevented by the city from rebuilding because of the Conejo Slide Ordinance. Read story.

Tea Fire Victims File Suit

Lance and Carla Hoffman Claim Negligence and Nuisance

Lance and Carla Hoffman claim negligence and nuisance. Read story.

Paperwork, Pain, and the Long Road Back

The Ins and Outs of the Post-Wildfire Insurance Tango

Ethan Stewart looks into the details of wildfire insurance. Read story.

One-Year Anniversary

Tea Fire Began November 13, 2009

When the Tea Fire erupted in the foothills of Montecito a year ago this Friday, it scared the Santa Barbara community out of its wits, burned up 2,000 acres, and destroyed 210 homes. Read story.

Remaining "Tea Fire Ten" Plea

All but One Get Fines, Community Service

The presiding judge in the matter decided not to let Tea Fire victims testify at a hearing. Read story.

Two of Tea Fire Ten Plead No Contest to Trespassing

In Doing So, Charges of Starting a Fire Without a Permit Were Dismissed

In doing so, charges of having started a fire without a permit were dismissed. Read story.

Tea Fire Victims Receive Aid

Response Fund Sends Out Second Round of Compensation

The Tea Fire Response Fund sent out a second round of compensation this week. Read story.

Up from the Ashes

Tea Fire Documentary Screening to Benefit the Uninsured

Tea Fire documentary screening to benefit the uninsured. Read story.

"Tea Fire Ten" Named

DA Uncertain Group Started November Blaze, However

The District Attorney is uncertain who started the blaze, however. Read story.

Tea Fire Ten to Face Misdemeanor Charges

Names of Alleged Culprits Still Not Released, However

The names of the alleged culprits are still withheld, however. Read story.

Tea Fire Questions and Answers at Montecito Forum

Attendees Ding Reverse 911 Failings, Delay in Naming Blaze Starters

Attendees alleged Reverse 911 failings and complain of delay in naming the people who started the blaze. Read story.

Tea Fire Burn Areas Could Become Prime Mosquito Turf

Property Owners Urged to Check Pools, Other Bodies of Water

Property owners are being urged to check pools, other bodies of water. Read story.

ASAP Shelter Became Hub of Tea Fire Lost and Found

Handful of Cats Remain as More Than Half Reunited with Owners

Agency helps owners find pets; handful of cats remains as more than half reunited. Read story.

Independent Interactive:

Public Resources

    Phone Numbers:
  • Public Information Hotline
    (805) 681-5195
  • SB Evacuation Info Line
    (805) 681-5195
  • Gap Fire Information
    (805) 961-5770
  • Reverse 911 sign-up line (to allow Fire personnel to reach you)
    (805) 681-4706
  • Forest Service Tip Line
    (805) 961-5710
  • Animal Shelter Hotline
    (805) 681-4332

    Radio Stations:
  • AM Stations: KTMS-990; KZSB-1290; KUHL-1410 and KINF-1440.
  • FM Stations: KCSB-91.9; KSPE-94.5
  • (Spanish); KSYV-96.7; KTYD-99.9; KSBL-101.7; KRAZ-105.9 and KIST-107.7.

  • Santa Barbara County's Channel 20
  • City of Santa Barbara, Channel 18
  • City of Goleta at Channel 19

    Additional Info:
  • In the event of a possible evacuation due to the Gap Fire the Public Health Department wants to identify individuals with special needs who may be unable to evacuate without help and those who need medical equipment that require electricity. please call (805) 968-0462 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

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