Santa Barbara International Film Festival: Johnny Depp and Many Other Stars, Movies, and Events

ON THE COVER: Illustration of Johnny Depp by Ben Ciccati.

Meet the Makers

The Santa Barbara Independent’s writers, editors, and designers somehow found the time amid the usual weekly hullabaloo to put together our fifth annual, and best yet, Meet the Makers magazine, published in 18,000 copies of this paper and available at most SBIFF venues. It holds more than 40 interviews with filmmakers whose works appear at the 2016 Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF). (More appear online in our full SBIFF coverage at How'd they find the time? Perhaps they followed the old adage that when things get too hot, make some popcorn and go to the movies.

In Print

Selected stories from our weekly newspaper.

Cameron Carpenter Comes to S.B.

Cutting-Edge Organist Breaks Classical Mold

The cutting-edge organist breaks classical music mold. Read story.

Notorious DOG

Educational Loan Sharking and Campaign 2016

Poodle on educational loan sharking and Campaign 2016. Read story.

Coastal Commish Drama Bleeds into S.B.

Worries Arise Over Access, Development

Worries arise over access and development. Read story.

SBIFF 2016 Is Here

Complete Coverage of Santa Barbara International Film Fest

Our complete coverage of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival: interviews, films to find, and more! Read story.

Michelle Grinsel’s Inspirational Cancer Combat

Mother of Two’s Fight Against Breast Cancer Captured in New Documentary

Mother of two’s fight against breast cancer captured on in new documentary. Read story.

Seed-Swapping Superstars

Larry Kandarian and Emma Cantu to Take Part in S.B. Permaculture’s Annual Seed-Sharing Day

Larry Kandarian and Emma Cantu to take part in S.B. Permaculture’s annual seed-sharing day on January 31. Read story.

U.S. Poet Laureate Comes to UCSB

Juan Felipe Herrera Presents an Evening of Poetry

Juan Felipe Herrera presents an evening of poetry. Read story.

Who Is Peter Adam?

S.B. Chair of the Board Is a Contrarian

Chair of the Board of Supervisors Is Often the Odd Man Out Read story.

Chasing Rainbows Plays the Merc

S.B./Amsterdam Band Offers a Night of Music in Goleta.

S.B./Amsterdam band offers a night of rock music in Goleta. Read story.

A Warm Steaming Pile

$40 Million Jail Money Squandered; a Plague on All Their Houses

$40 million jail money squandered; a plague on all their houses. Read story.

Faking a Murderer?

Alleged False Confession Key in Olive Street Homicide Trial

Alleged false confession key in Olive Street homicide trial. Read story.

Museum of Natural History’s Original Egghead

How William Leon Dawson’s Fascination with Birds and Eggs Spawned the 100-Year-Old Institution

How William Leon Dawson’s fascination with birds and eggs spawned Santa Barbara’s 100-year-old institution. Read story.

The Fine Art of Contemporary Tattooing

From Anchors on Forearms to Colorful Sleeves

From anchors on forearms to colorful tapestries on skin, tattooing has moved into the mainstream. Read story.

Beware of God

Rams Come Back to L.A., but the Dog’s Still in the Manger

Rams Come Back to L.A., but the Dog’s Still in the Manger Read story.

No 'Hail Mary' Allowed for STAR Complex

County to Give $40 Million Jail Grant Back to State

The county will give a $40 million jail grant back to the state. Read story.

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