On March 18 and 19, the oaken lakeside grounds in Santa Ynez will be alight with the glow of stars, both celestial and of the indie-rock variety. For the first time, the Starry Nites Festival is set to rock the Live Oak Campground with a colorful pastiche of indie-rock, classic-rock, and psychedelic-rock acts such as Alan Parsons, The Kills, Cat Power, The Dandy Warhols, She Wants Revenge, and many more. The festival, started by Tommy Dietrick and Kerry Brown of Joshua Tree’s Desert Stars Festival, kicks off a festival season that also includes the culmination of Lucidity Festival before its transformation into something as yet unknown (see future issues for deeper coverage on Lucidity). For now, we spoke with Starry Nites’ founders about what makes this festival unique, plus interviews with Alan Parsons, She Wants Revenge, and Kolars.

At the Ready

Erika Carlos is what you call a septuple threat. A graduate of UCSB's professional writing program, Erika also codes, designs, and develops websites, often for individual scholarly works. And that’s all outside her daily digital media work for the university, which involves graphic design, photography, and videography. Ever curious, on her way to an assignment in Montecito, our news intern found another story in the vehicle taking her there. Her Uber driver's flu mask started a conversation that led to a timely health-insurance story ( Erika said she's had fun meeting different people while on assignments, like during interviews or even marches. "I like to be involved," she said, "but mainly by writing about it."

In Print

Selected stories from our weekly newspaper.

Bellosguardo: A Legacy in Limbo

Foundation Leadership Accused of Mismanagement, Favoritism, and Neglect

The foundation created to carry out Huguette Clark’s will is accused of mismanagement, favoritism, and neglect. Read story.

Mission Possible: Thomas Fire and Flood Recovery

A Look at Post-Disaster Efforts So Far, from the Bucket Brigade to Jack Johnson’s Benefit

A look at post-disaster efforts so far, from the Bucket Brigade to Jack Johnson’s benefit show. Read story.

Welcome to Cannabis Camp

Inside the Medicine and Markets of the Modern Marijuana Industry

Inside the medicine and markets of the modern marijuana industry. Read story.

It’s Time for PuppetPalooza

Four-Day Festival Devoted to the Art of Puppetry Begins

Four-day festival devoted to the art of puppetry kicks off March 1. Read story.

Eddie Hsueh: Santa Barbara’s Great Peace Officer

Bringing Safer Ways for Law Enforcement to Work with People with Mentally Illness

Sheriff’s Lieutenant Eddie Hsueh brings safer ways for law enforcement to work with people with mental illness. Read story.

Glorifying Sex and Tolerating Assault in Isla Vista

A Personal Investigation into Hookup Culture and its Gruesome Consequences

A personal investigation into hookup culture and its gruesome consequences. Read story.

Sexual Assault Doesn't End After College

Sexual Violence Continues on the Streets of Santa Barbara

Sexual violence continues on the streets of Santa Barbara. Read story.

SBIFF's 10-10-10 Competitors Meet Multiple Challenges

The Fire and Its Aftermath Made This Year’s Competition Special

The fire and its aftermath make this year's competition special. Read story.

SBIFF Celebration of Cinema Continues

Festival Heads into Last, Long Weekend

Heading into the last, long weekend of events, there is still plenty to do and see. Read story.

2018 Santa Barbara International Film Festival Kicks into Gear

Fascinating Films, Acclaimed Actors, and More

From Oscar nominees to art-house indies, the schedule is packed with films for all. Read story.

How Santa Barbara County Jurisdictions Are Dealing with Marijuana Legalization

Legal Tangles Leave Santa Barbarans Wondering: 'Dude, Where's My Weed?'

Legal tangles leave Santa Barbarans wondering: 'Dude, where's my weed?' Read story.

On the Menu at Pot Shops

What to Expect When You Walk Into Your First Cannabis Retailer 

What to expect when you walk into your first cannabis retailer.  Read story.

Growing Cannabis in Your Backyard

From Where to Start to When to Harvest, Here Are Seven Must-Know Steps to Planting Pot in Santa Barbara

From where to start to when to harvest, here are seven must-know steps to planting pot in Santa Barbara. Read story.

Death Toll Approaches 23 in the Worst Disaster in Santa Barbara History

Tracing the History and Coping with the Reality of 20 Lost and Three Still Missing

Tracing the history and coping with the reality of 20 lost and three still missing. Read story.

Stories of Heroism, Heartbreak Emerge from Montecito Mudslides

17 People Killed and 100 Homes Destroyed in Post-Thomas Fire Disaster

Seventeen people were killed and 100 homes were destroyed in the post-Thomas Fire disaster. Read story.

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