So you're "goin' to the chapel” and you're "gonna get ma-a-arried?" Before you book the venue, just know that barns are out. What’s “in” are beaches, mountains, and historical buildings, or regal settings (think fancy hotel) for more of a refined atmosphere.

In the following pages, discover some of the other hot trends that may inspire you, find out how to become an officiant for your friend’s wedding, get the particulars of obtaining a marriage license, and read about a Santa Barbara family’s connection to the first wedding performed at El Presidio Chapel 200 years ago.

This year's issue also includes a complete Wedding Resource Guide featuring names and information of all the area vendors needed — including cake bakeries, photographers, florists, and more. With countless magazines to pore over and hundreds of web articles to fall asleep to, we hope our annual wedding guide will help execute the most unique and perfect wedding in beautiful Santa Barbara County. —Terry Ortega

Espousing Espousal

Every wedding is as individual as the two it pairs, with the best generating fond memories and happy tears, theorized Terry Ortega, the mastermind behind this year's Wedding Resource Guide. She remarked that this, her third year putting the guide together — ably supported by Savanna Mesch, Caitlin Fitch, Diane Mooshoolzadeh, and Marianne Kuga — reminded her of how happy she was that she was married in simpler times. Our copy chief, Jackson Friedman, the glowing groom on our cover, agreed, recalling that his charming wedding was "just perfect. I wouldn't change a thing."

In Print

Selected stories from our weekly newspaper.

Wedding Guide 2017

Stories and Resources for Planning Perfect Nuptials

Everything you need to know to plan your perfect nuptials. Read story.

AHA! Offers Discount Card to Kids

Business-Supported Nonprofit Program Awards Students for Fostering Peace on Campus

The business-supported nonprofit program awards students for fostering peace on campus. Read story.

Memorial for Floyd the Chihuahua

Animal Advocate Michele Morrow Spreads Compassion with Memorial at Elings Park

Animal advocate Michele Morrow spreads compassion through a memorial at Elings Park. Read story.

UCSB Grad Pens Pocket Coach to College Success

'Take Off!’ Interactive Journal Helps Students Manage Their Time and Lives

‘Take Off!’ interactive journal helps students better manage their time and lives. Read story.

Yuval Noah Harari Predicts Humankind’s Future

Author of ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Homo Deus’ Comes to UCSB on February 27

The author of ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Homo Deus’ comes to UCSB on February 27. Read story.

Breathe into Rollness at S.B. Yoga Center

Low-Impact Exercise Works Alignment, Energetic Meridians

The low-impact exercise works out your alignment and energetic meridians. Read story.

Make Way for MOXI

Santa Barbara Welcomes the Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation

Santa Barbara’s new Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation opens on February 25. Read story.

Montecito Trump Pick Might Not Make Cabinet Cut

Fast-Food Mogul Andy Puzder Tripped-Up by Nanny-gate ‘Scandal’

Fast-food mogul Andy Puzder gets tripped-up by nanny-gate “scandal.” Read story.

New Santa Barbara School Superintendent Listens

Superintendent Cary Matsuoka Leads by Listening

When new school Superintendent Cary Matsuoka first came to town, he went on a 90-day listening tour. What did he learn? Read story.

2017 SBIFF Goes Full Speed Ahead

Santa Barbara International Film Festival Celebrates the World of Cinema

The annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival celebrates cinema for 11 fun-filled days. Read story.

Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee: Finding Good News in All the Wrong Places

The Poodle Squints to Find the Silver Linings of Neil Gorsuch Nomination

The Poodle squints to find the silver linings of Neil Gorsuch nomination. Read story.

Travel Ban Snares Santa Barbara

International UCSB Students Stuck in Iran; Syrian Couple Separated

International UCSB students stuck in Iran; Syrian couple separated. Read story.

SBIFF 2017

Complete Coverage of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Check out our complete coverage of of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival: Tributes, panels, Films to Find, and much more! Read story.

Trump Watch: Attacking Facts, Bludgeoning Truth

‘Alternative Facts,’ Media Black-Outs, Rogue Tweets, Women’s March, and More

The Angry Poodle examines ‘alternative facts,’ media black-outs, rogue tweets, Women’s March, and more. Read story.

Endangered Species in the Line of Fire?

Biologists Fret Over Fate of Condors, Island Foxes, Steelhead Trout

Biologists are fretting over the fate of condors, island foxes, and steelhead trout. Read story.

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