Toasting the Food Hall Fad: Marge Cafarelli’s Public Market Is Just One of Four Culinary Collectives Serving S.B. (Matt Kettmann, with Mitchell Kriegman and George Yatchisin)

ON THE COVER: Marge Cafarelli. Photo by Paul Wellman

The Wild(fire) One

When Ray Ford writes about wildfire in Santa Barbara's backcountry, the landmarks he refers to don't come off a map. No matter how distant or hard to get to, they come out of his memory of hiking through, around, or over mountains, peaks, ridges, canyons, pools, and watercourses over the decades. Far from being as relaxed as he seems, after this photo was taken, Ray climbed back into his truck to gather more for his first-hand reports and photographs of the Rey Fire, all posted at independe.... For any who wonder about typos, we can confirm that the fire was not meant to be named after Ray Ford.

In Print

Selected stories from our weekly newspaper.

Food Hall Frenzy

Inside Santa Barbara’s Spin on the International Trend of Shared Food & Drink Developments

Inside Santa Barbara’s spin on the international trend of shared food & drink developments. Read story.

Step Into Château Choló

Gustavo Uribe and Isaac Welsh Launch Hip-Hop Production Platform with Beats for Sale

Gustavo Uribe and Isaac Welsh launch their hip-hop production platform with beats for sale. Read story.

Build, Baby, Build?

Santa Barbara's City Council Says 'Not Now' to Development Impact Fees

Santa Barbara's City Council says 'not now' to development impact fees. Read story.

Rey Fire Wrap-Up

Officials Struggle to Protect the Critical Santa Ynez Watershed

Officials are struggling to protect the critical Santa Ynez watershed. Read story.

‘The Get Down’ Explores the Rise of Hip-Hop

Baz Luhrmann Brings His Vision to the Small Screen

Baz Luhrmann brings his musical vision to the small screen. Read story.

Saltura Makes Modern Beachwear for Men

David Malina and Addison Proctor Develop New Santa Barbara-Based Clothing Brand

David Malina and Addison Proctor develop new Santa Barbara-based clothing brand. Read story.

Voices of Where

Two Electronic Music Releases from Richie DeMaria

Two electronic music releases from Richie DeMaria Read story.

After-School Activities Guide 2016

The Santa Barbara Independent’s complete guide to After-School Activities in 2016

Check out the extensive range of activities your kids can participate in after school, including sports, arts, and education. Read story.

S.B. Soccer Club Wins National Championship

Coach Rudy Ybarra Leads U-18 Team; Plus Water Polo and Track Updates from Rio

Coach Rudy Ybarra leads U-18 team; plus water polo and track updates from Rio. Read story.

Man Bites Dog

Sanity Strikes: Private Well in Montecito Struck Down by Coastal Commission

Sanity strikes: Private well in Montecito struck down by Coastal Commission. Read story.

Brooks Institute Announces Closure

Fabled Photography School will Shut Its Doors October 31

The fabled photography school will shut its doors October 31. Read story.

10 West Gallery

A New Approach to Showing Art on Anapamu

A new approach to showing art on Anapamu Read story.

Improving the World with Soccer and Love

Dunn School Graduate Kelsey Sullivan, 28, Sponsors 14 Boys from Sierra Leone

Dunn School graduate Kelsey Sullivan, 28, adopts 14 boys from Sierra Leone. Read story.

Boy George and Culture Club Play the Arlington Theatre

Gender-Bending ‘80s Icon Still Going Strong

The gender-bending ‘80s icon is still going strong. Read story.

Un-Chained; Un-Collared

Man Bites Dog; Dog Bites Back

Man bites dog; dog bites back. Read story.

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