’Tis the Season: The Most Complete Guide to Holiday Happenings (Terry Ortega and Savanna Mesch)

ON THE COVER: Photo by Caitlin Fitch.

Hey, No Pressure

The Ray LaMontagne show with My Morning Jacket was nothing short of magical, Savanna Mesch recalls with wonder, dubbing the concert she reviewed for The Indy an exemplar of music "just as a creative thing." As our calendar assistant, Savanna rolls with that ethic as she helps curate S.B.'s stream of events, which are not unlike those she volunteered for back home in Caldwell, Idaho. This particular week, in addition to everything else, Savanna collaborated on our cover-worthy take on the wintry season and then checked in on Mr Little Jeans (see p. 59.). Seriously.

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’Tis the Season 2016

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