The Power of P3: Why Pro Athletes (like NBA Star Festus Ezeli) Train in the Funk Zone. (John Zant )

ON THE COVER: NBA star Festus Ezeli trains with P3’s Marcus Elliott. Photos by Paul Wellman.

One Love, Mon

A trip to Jamaica usually involves swim adventures, but for the members of the U.S.A. Youth National Team, it was serious business in deep water during the hot contest for Pan Am Youth Waterpolo Championship gold. Indy copy kid Miles Cole — who couldn't resist texting his friends at San Marcos High a photo of his Monday at a Jamaican beach — and Team U.S.A. swim undefeated as of press time, as does the women's team, with Santa Barbara's Abbi Hill and Jewel Roemer representing. Powerhouse competition lies ahead, and the final showdowns take place as we hit the stands.

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The Power of Santa Barbara’s P3

Inside Marcus Elliott’s Peak Performance Project, Where Pro Sports Stars Train in the Funk Zone

Inside Marcus Elliott’s Peak Performance Project, where pro sports stars train in the Funk Zone. Read story.

Let Me Be Your Little Dog ’Til Your Big Dog Comes

City College Enrollments, Vacation Rentals, and the Rent Squeeze

Poodle ponders City College enrollments, vacation rentals, and the rent squeeze. Read story.

Nasty Bug Appears as County Slashes Top Pest, Plant Jobs

Farmers Worry over Citrus Psyllid Discoveries in Goleta and Carp

Farmers worry over citrus psyllid discoveries in Goleta and Carpinteria. Read story.

Sonos Spins into Control

How Santa Barbara’s Digital Audio Company Is Taking Over Downtown and the World

How Santa Barbara’s homegrown digital audio company is taking over downtown — and the world. Read story.

County Making Nice with Chumash?

Supervisors Agree to Open Talks About Land Use and Finances

Supervisors agree to open talks about land use and finances. Read story.

Gardens & Villa Release ‘Music for Dogs’

Tall Tales and the Silver Lining, Venice the Band Play This Weekend

Tall Tales and the Silver Lining, Venice the Band play this weekend. Read story.

Soccer Season’s Balancing Act

Shooting for Success as Players Come and Go in Youth and College Soccer

Shooting for success as players come and go in youth and college soccer. Read story.

After-School Activities Guide 2015

The Santa Barbara Independent’s complete guide to After-School Activities in 2015

Here’s a list of activities in the arts, sports, and education that feed your children’s interests after their full day at school. Read story.

News Fleas, Same Dog

District Elections Back After 50 Years; Early Indications Encouraging

District elections are back after 50 years; early indications are encouraging. Read story.

Feds and Sheriff Square Off over Murder

Santa Maria Woman’s Murder by Undocumented Immigrant at Finger-Pointing Stage

Feds and law enforcement square off over Santa Maria woman’s murder by undocumented immigrant. Read story.

Peeking Inside the Blue Door

Seaweed Chandeliers, Berkeley’s Bleachers, and More in Funk Zone Store

Find seaweed chandeliers, Berkeley’s bleachers, and more in Funk Zone store. Read story.

Lindsey Stirling Interview

Violinist/EDM Star Hits S.B. Bowl on Saturday, August 15

The violinist/EDM star hits the S.B. Bowl on Saturday, August 15. Read story.

Das Williams Pushes for I.V. Governance

Can Das Williams’s AB 3 Bring a Voice to Isla Vista?

State Assemblymember Das Williams tries to bring order to Isla Vista’s unruly community. Read story.

GOP Trumped

The Donald’s Demagoguery Flows Naturally from Tea Party Republicanism

The Donald’s demagoguery flows naturally from Tea Party Republicanism. Read story.

Vacation-Rental Crackdown

City and County Tell Owners to Be Prepared

City and County tell owners to be prepared. Read story.

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