Kidnap Scam: One Family’s Day and Night of Threats, Panic, and Pure Terror (Keith Hamm)

ON THE COVER: Mike and Audrey Tognotti with a picture of their youngest daughter, Addy.

Photo by Paul Wellman.

A Gift for Giving

Happily, ’tis the season for giving and for eating, which made November the perfect month to team up with John Dixon of Tri-County Produce for The Indy's first Grocery Giveaway. Gift cards worth $100 for Dixon's beautifully fresh produce, juices, charcuterie, breads, and other kitchen necessaries from Tri-County were given away over the course of nine days to nine lucky winners. Each received two gift cards: one for themselves and a second to give to a friend, charity, or nonprofit, spreading them among Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, Mission House, Direct Relief, and Guide Dog Puppy Raisers of Santa Barbara. We plan to keep the giving spirit into the winter months; next up: The 12 Days of Gifting, starting December 8.

In Print

Selected stories from our weekly newspaper.

PokeMee Aims to Please

Getting to Like the New Fast-Casual, Hawaiian-Style Goleta Restaurant

Get to like the new fast-casual, Hawaiian-style Goleta restaurant. Read story.

UCSB Presents Fall Dance Concert

Department of Theater and Dance’s ‘Double Exposure: Revealing | Relating | Responding’

UCSB Theater and Dance’s ‘Double Exposure: Revealing | Relating | Responding’ will reorient your way of looking at familiar themes through the eye-opening repositioning of gracefully moving bodies. Read story.

The Kidnap Scam

One Montecito Family’s Tale of Terror

How a kidnapping scam caught a Montecito family in a web of terror and confusion. Read story.

Zach Gill, Laurence Juber, Jake Shimabukuro Kick Off December

The Funzone’s hard-rock and noise acts round out the opening of the month.

The Funzone’s hard-rock and noise acts round out the opening of the month. Read story.

Sleep with Fleas, Wake with Dogs

Poodle in Dither over Fake News, Pseudo News, and 'News-Press' News

Poodle in dither over fake news, pseudo news, and 'News-Press' news. Read story.

Now What? Carbajal Gets Down to Business

Santa Barbara's New Congressman Talks Infrastructure, Immigration, and How California Can Protect Itself from Trump

Santa Barbara's new congressman talks infrastructure, immigration, and how California can protect itself from Trump. Read story.

Rising Appalachia Grows New Old America

Old-Time Musical Lifestyles Meet Contemporary Urban Sounds at SOhO

Old-time musical lifestyles meet contemporary urban sounds at SOhO. Read story.

The Santa Barbara Independent’s Local Heroes of 2016

Twenty Local Heroes Who Make a Difference

The Santa Barbara Independent’s Local Heroes of 2016 honor 20 men and women who have made a difference in our communities. Read story.

Yellow Dog Blues

Poodle Converts to Islam and Why You Should, Too

The poodle converts to Islam, and this is why you should, too. Read story.

What Would Losing Obamacare Mean for Santa Barbara?

Healthcare Execs Break Down Possible Impacts

Healthcare execs break down the possible impacts. Read story.

Parker Clay Sells Leather to Help Ethiopia

Ian and Brittany Bentley’s Adopted Daughter Led to an Economic Empowerment Mission

How Ian and Brittany Bentley’s adopted daughter led to an economic empowerment mission. Read story.

Wrestlemania at Santa Barbara High

Billy Baldwin Buys New Mat for Character-Building Sport; Plus Football Finals and Thanksgiving Runs

Actor Billy Baldwin buys new mat for character-building sport; plus football finals and Thanksgiving runs. Read story.

Lit Moon Presents Shakespeare@400

Five Major Events and Three Full Plays Celebrating the Bard

Five major events and three full plays celebrating the Bard. Read story.

Nat Geo’s Brian Skerry Commitment to Save the Seas

Underwater Photographer Presents Multimedia Talk

Underwater photographer presents his multimedia talk ‘Ocean Wild: The Light Beneath the Seas’ November 20. Read story.

Abby Brown’s Homegrown Paddling Power

19-Year-Old Prone Paddler from Santa Barbara Competes in World Championships

The 19-year-old prone paddler from Santa Barbara is competing in the world championships this week Read story.

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