Weddings: The Best-Ever Wedding Guide (Indy Staff)

ON THE COVER: Bride and groom Isaura and Alex Saenz at Old Mission Santa Inés in Solvang. Photo by Addison-Harvey Weddings

Expertly Wrangled

When Megan Packard-Hillegas journeyed to South Africa, it was to see elephants (including Rambo here), lions, giraffes, zebras, hippos, water buffaloes, cheetahs, rhinos, monkeys, warthogs, and sharks — which she and her family did. But our production czarina didn't expect to find herself in a stalled jeep, way too close to a snarling lioness with a fresh kill and cubs playing all over her. Nothing compared to Indy deadline stress, of course. Safely back in Zulu Nyala Game Reserve, their guide, Amon, kept them on track for adventures like stalking a leopard at night.

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Selected stories from our weekly newspaper.

Girls in Justice

The Kids are Not Alright in Photographer Richard Ross's Latest Book

The kids are not alright in photographer Richard Ross's latest book. Read story.

Giraffage Stands Tall

San Fran Producer Brings the Party to EOS

The San Francisco electronic artist brings the party to EOS Lounge on February 27. Read story.

A Rain Dance for VADA

Santa Barbara High’s Visual Arts & Design Academy Hosts Fundraiser

Santa Barbara High’s Visual Arts & Design Academy hosts a fundraiser on February 28. Read story.

2015 Wedding Issue

Getting Hitched Santa Barbara Style

Getting hitched Santa Barbara style. Read story.

Of Mega Dogs and Mega Droughts

How to Read the Mona Lisa Smile of Water Czar Joshua Haggmark

How to read the Mona Lisa smile of water czar Joshua Haggmark. Read story.

Interview: Kirk Knight

The Pro Era Rapper Hits Velvet Jones on February 26

The Pro Era rapper and producer will be at Velvet Jones on Thursday, February 26. Read story.

Inside the Tiny House Project

Artists Chris Silva and Karly Williams Plan a Permanent Honeymoon

Artists Chris Silva and Karly Williams plan a permanent honeymoon. Read story.

Game of Drones

The Reign of Fly-by-Night Business Is Coming to an End

The reign of fly-by-night business is coming to an end in Santa Barbara and beyond. Read story.

Lamentations of a Dog Denied

Water Wars III: Law & Order vs. Goleta Water District

Water Wars III: Law & Order vs. Goleta Water District Read story.

Tensions Roiling over Milpas Plan

Cops Called During Protest Against Business Improvement District

Cops called during protest against business improvement district. Read story.

Getting the Scoop on Mattole Valley Naturals

Santa Barbara-Based Natural Foods Company Sprinkles Super Healthy Powders Into Your Lifestyle

Santa Barbara-based natural foods company sprinkles super healthy powders into your lifestyle. Read story.

Modest Confessions of Barefoot Contessa

UCSB Arts & Lectures Presents Ina Garten

UCSB Arts & Lectures presents Ina Garten on Feburary 19 at the Granada Theatre. Read story.

Sings Like Hell: Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion

Sings Like Hell: Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion

Singer/songwriter couple perform on Valentine's Day at the Lobero. Read story.

Italian Renaissance Comes to Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Museum of Art Displays Major Works from the Renaissance and Beyond

Botticelli, Titian, and Bellini are among the masters represented in this important exhibition of Italian art from the Glasgow Museums collection. Read story.

To Err Is Human, 2 4-Give K-9

Poodle Conflates Brian Williams and Ronald Reagan While Eating Crow

Poodle conflates Brian Williams and Ronald Reagan while eating crow. Read story.

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