Charles Lloyd: Hanging Out with the Music Master

ON THE COVER: Charles Lloyd. Photo by Paul Wellman.

Coloring Contest Winner

Our Summer Camp illustrations just begged for color, so we challenged readers to a coloring contest. We drew at random from the energetic drawings we received to select this delightful rendering by 6-year-old Leilani. "We do color together often," said her grandmother, Gail "YaYa" Gorton, who also sent one of her own, "but more so, we both love the outdoors." Their favorite documentary is Raccoon Nation, which might explain the look in that raccoon's eyes…

In Print

Car Chasing the Dog

Lies, Damn Lies, and Cars Are Basic

Lies, damn lies, and Cars Are Basic Read story.

Sheriff Misfires in Budget Shootout

Could Santa Barbara Really Scrap the North County Jail?

Could Santa Barbara really scrap the North County Jail? Read story.

Santa Barbara’s Greek Mountain Tea Connection

Steve Raftopoulos Packages Imported, Organic Klio Teas on Anapamu Street

Former financier Steve Raftopoulos packages imported, organic Klio Teas on Anapamu Street. Read story.

Flexing Muscles Over Mussels

California’s Only Open-Ocean Shellfish Farmer Struggles to Grow His Santa Barbara Operation

Bernard Friedman, California’s only open-ocean fish farmer, struggles to grow his Santa Barbara shellfish operation. Read story.

Sleeping Dogs Tell No Lies

Poodle Reincarnated without Dying First Thanks to District Elections

Poodle reincarnated without dying first thanks to district elections. Read story.

UCSB to Greeks: The Party's Over

Third Fraternity Shutdown; Sorority Suspended

A third fraternity is shut down, and a sorority is suspended. Read story.

Lucidity Festival Scales Down, Reaches Out

Event Organizers are Scheming Up Some Big Changes

This year’s Lucidity Festival is all about community involvement and environmental action. Read story.

Travel: Cuyama Buckhorn

The Motel Reopens off Highway 166

The motel is a delightful pit stop off Highway 166. Read story.

Gardens & Villa Prep a New Album, Talk Pro Pickling

S.B.’s Beloved Synth Rockers Get Back to Basics on Forthcoming LP

The Santa Barbara boys are finishing a new record and coming home to SOhO on April 2. Read story.

Spilling the Beans on Ty Warner’s Toys and Troubles

New Book Explores Mysterious Montecito Mogul and His Stuffed Animal Craze

A new book explores the mysterious Montecito mogul and his stuffed animal craze. Read story.

Heir of the Dog

Dancing on the Precipice of the Drought, Montecito-Style

Dancing on the precipice of the drought, Montecito-style. Read story.

The Electric Coral Acid Test

Scientists Study Deep-Sea 'Poster Child'

Scientists study a deep-sea "poster child" for changing ocean climates. Read story.

Business: BEADS Turns 30

The DIY Store Celebrates Three Decades in Santa Barbara

The popular DIY store celebrates three decades in Santa Barbara. Read story.

Wet Suits Made from Dry Shrubs

Patagonia Creates Gear Using Drought-Tolerant Biorubber Plant

Patagonia creates new water gear using a drought tolerant biorubber plant. Read story.

Two Jazz Greats Together Again

Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea Reunite at the Granada

Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea are on tour for the first time in more than 30 years and playing the Granada Theatre on March 22. Read story.

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