Santa Barbara International Film Festival: Johnny Depp and Many Other Stars, Movies, and Events

ON THE COVER: Illustration of Johnny Depp by Ben Ciccati.

Meet the Makers

The Santa Barbara Independent’s writers, editors, and designers somehow found the time amid the usual weekly hullabaloo to put together our fifth annual, and best yet, Meet the Makers magazine, published in 18,000 copies of this paper and available at most SBIFF venues. It holds more than 40 interviews with filmmakers whose works appear at the 2016 Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF). (More appear online in our full SBIFF coverage at How'd they find the time? Perhaps they followed the old adage that when things get too hot, make some popcorn and go to the movies.

In Print

S.B. Symphony Premieres Double Concerto

Carrara’s ‘Machpelah’ Puts Violin and Cello in Dialogue

Carrara’s ‘Machpelah’ puts violin and cello in dialogue. Read story.

S.B. Dance Theater Celebrates 40 Years

Artistic Director Creates Ambitious Program

Artistic Director Christopher Pilafian has created an ambitious program for the occasion. Read story.

UCSB Unveils Its Library of the Future

Open Space and Collaboration Replace Cramped Stacks and Solo Study

Open space and collaboration replace cramped stacks and solo study. Read story.

Gems of UCSB’s Special Research Collections

We Peek Inside the Vaults to Find Tomes by Dante to Steinbeck

We peek inside the vaults to find tomes by Dante to Steinbeck. Read story.

Sporty Speakers Spread Message

Dain Blanton, Mark Allen, and Carli Lloyd Come to Town; Plus Remembering Dennis Rickard and Jim Barber

Dain Blanton, Mark Allen, and Carli Lloyd come to town; plus remembering Dennis Rickard and Jim Barber. Read story.

UCSB’s Cylinder Audio Archive Offers a Listen into the Past

Digital Downloads of Wax Recordings Reveal Audio Entertainment of the Early 20th Century

Digital downloads of wax recordings reveal early-20th-century audio entertainment. Read story.

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away

No Dent in Drought with Storms Mostly Missing Reservoirs

No dent in the drought with storms mostly missing backcountry reservoirs. Read story.

Eff, Yeah! Swearing Finally Has Its Day

Starshine Takes on Taboo Language and Embraces Her Sailory Side

Starshine takes on taboo language and embraces her sailory side. Read story.

Monterey Jazz on Tour

Festival Touring Group Plays UCSB’s Campbell Hall

The festival touring group plays UCSB’s Campbell Hall. Read story.

Community Arts Workshop Gets Gates

Artist David Shelton Creates Elaborate Iron Entrances

Artist David Shelton creates elaborate iron entrances for the new CAW. Read story.

Let Go, Let Dog

Paranoid Poodle Sniffs at Cottage-Sansum Merger

Paranoid Poodle sniffs at Cottage-Sansum merger. Read story.

All-Women Gym Offers Fitness and Camaraderie

Alice Huang’s WAC (Women’s Athletic Club) Expands Space and Supportive Environment

Alice Huang’s WAC (Women’s Athletic Club) expands its space and supportive environment. Read story.

The Bobcat Drinks Tonight

Bob Stout and Patrick Reynolds Team Up for New Speakeasy

Bob Stout and Patrick Reynolds team up for new speakeasy. Read story.

Year in Pictures 2015

The Santa Barbara Independent’s Annual Photographic Extravaganza

The Santa Barbara Independent presents its annual photographic extravaganza. Read story.

Winemaker Aaron Watty Plays Chef

Big Tar Winemaker Pairs His Bottles with a Farmer’s Market Feast

The Big Tar winemaker pairs his bottles with a farmer’s market feast. Read story.

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