Toasting the Food Hall Fad: Marge Cafarelli’s Public Market Is Just One of Four Culinary Collectives Serving S.B. (Matt Kettmann, with Mitchell Kriegman and George Yatchisin)

ON THE COVER: Marge Cafarelli. Photo by Paul Wellman

The Wild(fire) One

When Ray Ford writes about wildfire in Santa Barbara's backcountry, the landmarks he refers to don't come off a map. No matter how distant or hard to get to, they come out of his memory of hiking through, around, or over mountains, peaks, ridges, canyons, pools, and watercourses over the decades. Far from being as relaxed as he seems, after this photo was taken, Ray climbed back into his truck to gather more for his first-hand reports and photographs of the Rey Fire, all posted at independe.... For any who wonder about typos, we can confirm that the fire was not meant to be named after Ray Ford.

In Print

Court Considers Hollister Ranch Access

Ruling Could Create Chink in Armor of Exclusive Community

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Sleep Dank and Yukmouth Keep Mac Dre’s Spirit Alive at Velvet Jones

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Scoping Blue Planet Eyewear

Carpinteria Sunglass Company Makes Low-Cost Product with High Values

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El Niño in Pictures

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Dressing La Fiesta

Meet the Seamstresses Who Make the $300,000 Worth of Flamenco Outfits That Make Fiesta

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Wishing Upon a (Dog) Star

Middle-Aged White Guys May Be Mad, but They’re Not Necessarily Crazy

Middle-aged white guys may be mad, but they’re not necessarily crazy. Read story.

Deputizing Crisis Care

Sheriff's Office Enhances Mental-Health Training

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Bringing Fiestas of Yesteryear to Life

Profant Foundation Brings Tableau Vivant Tradition to El Paseo for Finale Dinner

Profant Foundation brings tableau vivant tradition to El Paseo for Fiesta Finale dinner. Read story.

Why We Started the Fiesta Cruiser Ride

Explaining the 1979 Origins of the Annual Bicycle Trek that Finishes Fiesta

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Apply Now to Attend TEDx Santa Barbara

Cofounder Mark Sylvester Discusses the Big Ideas Event Coming August 20

Cofounder Mark Sylvester discusses the big ideas event coming on August 20. Read story.

Spencer the Gardener Celebrates 10 Years at Casa Cantina

Singer/Songwriter Is Fixture of the Fiesta He Grew Up On

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New Chumash Chair Kenny Kahn

Kenny Kahn Talks about the Casino, Taxes, and Camp 4

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Barking in the Key of G

The White, Black, and Brown of Juvenile InJustice

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Lake Cachuma 11 Percent Full or 89 Percent Empty?

Desal Plant ‘Opening’ Delayed by a Couple Month

Santa Barbara desalination 'opening' delayed by a couple of months. Read story.

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