The 30th Annual Film Festival: Celebrity Interviews, Free Flix, Cheap Tix, Quick Eates, 45 Film Must-Sees, and S.B. Filmmakers (Independent staff)

ON THE COVER: Illustration of Micheal Keaton by Thatcher Hillegas.

Film Fest = No Rest

Film Fest squad — including editors Aly Comingore, Michelle Drown, Matt Kettmann, and Jackson Friedman, art director Ben Ciccati, and web producers Mike Gahagan and Nya Burke (plus Ethan Stewart and Charles Donelan, not pictured) — started grinding through films, interviews, and layouts as soon as the lineup was announced January 5. The result: insightful interviews with more than 50 filmmakers, published both at and in the five 12-page Meet the Makers, available at SBIFF’s many venues.

In Print

Santa Barbara's Shop Pets

Area Businesses That Are Going to the Dogs (and Cats)

Find out which Santa Barbara businesses are going to the dogs (and cats). Read story.

Dog Run Amok

Judge Carrozzo Takes on Mental Health System; It’s a Draw

Judge Carrozzo takes on the mental health system; it’s a draw. Read story.

Cheap Gas, but Pricey Futures

Can OPEC Shake Out Santa Barbara Oil Operators?

Can OPEC shake out Santa Barbara oil operators? Read story.

Barbareño Does Santa Barbara by the Book

Two Twentysomethings Open the Latest Culinary Hotspot

Two twentysomethings open the latest culinary hotspot on De la Vina and Canon Perdido streets. Read story.

White Arrows Get Free

L.A. Rockers Embrace the Space Between On In Bardo

For their sophomore effort, L.A.’s White Arrows embraced the space between. Read story.

Basketball Brothers from Other Mothers

Bolden Brace and Scott Everman Grew Up Playing Together but Are Now Rivals

Bolden Brace and Scott Everman grew up playing together; now they’re rivals. Read story.

Paul Nicklen's Wild Spirit

Talking with Nat Geo Photojournalist

The National Geographic photojournalist documents some of the planet’s most inhospitable areas. Read story.

Santa Barbara’s Many Paths to Becoming Clean & Sober

An Intimate Look at the Recovery Community in Our Party Town

Here’s an intimate look at the recovery community in our party town. Read story.

Bark Like a Dog, Walk Like a Man

Can Helene Schneider Survive Fracas over Freeway-Widening Fracas?

Can Helene Schneider survive the fracas over the freeway-widening fracas? Read story.

Our Year in Pictures 2014

The Santa Barbara Independent’s Annual Photographic Review

Here’s The Santa Barbara Independent’s annual photographic review. Read story.

Songs to Pop Bottles To

A Playlist to Ring in the New Year

Seven songs to help you conquer 2015. Read story.

TV Is the New Art House

Why You Probably Didn’t See the Best Films of 2014

The brave new world of VOD and why you probably didn’t see some of the best films of 2014. Read story.

In from the Cold

Former Foes Join Forces on Milpas Street to Help Chronically Homeless

Former foes join forces on Milpas to help the chronically homeless get off the streets. Read story.

Yule Dog or Yule Log?

Picking a Christmas Movie Ain’t As Simple As It Seems

Picking a Christmas movie ain’t as simple as it seems. Read story.

Branding the Presidio Neighborhood

Hugh Margerum’s Campaign to Connect Restaurants, Shopping, Sightseeing, and Wine

Hugh Margerum’s campaign to connect restaurants, shopping, sightseeing, and wine in old Santa Barbara. Read story.

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