Return to Rincon: Photographer Donnie Hedden Comes Home

ON THE COVER: Photo by Donnie Hedden.


The holidays have struck, and they've never hit The Santa Barbara Independent in quite this way. Years past have housed grumps of the bah-humbuggery faith, but our offices this season experienced the twinkling of mini-lights, the scent of balsam, and a touch of ceiling-level psychedelia — all engineered by elves-in-chief (from left) Rachel Gantz, Diane Mooshoolzadeh, Michelle Drown, Tanya Spears Guiliacci, Terry Ortega, Jackson Friedman, Marianne Kuga, and Aly Comingore and her dog, Potato — it's like a … miracle …

In Print

Kids Helping Kids

Concert Benefit Featuring Ingrid Michaelson

This year, Kids Helping Kids has secured platinum-selling singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson to headline the fundraiser. Read story.

Avi Buffalo Is Growing Up and Out

L.A. Youngsters Return with At Best Cuckold

The young Sub Pop signees return to the fold and play SOhO in support of their new sophomore album. Read story.

Turkey Day Tunes

Glen Phillips and Velasco Make Us the Ultimate Thanksgiving Playlist

Toad the Wet Sprocket frontman Glen Phillips and L.A. songwriter Velasco make us the ultimate Thanksgiving playlist. Read story.

Local Heroes 2014

The Santa Barbara Independent's Annual Celebration of Good People

The Santa Barbara Independent's annual celebration of good people. Read story.

March of the Mutt-Mitted Zombies

Re-branding Effort Underway for County Mental Health, but What About Puff Unit?

A re-branding effort is underway for county mental health, but what about the Puff Unit? Read story.

State Urged to Fix Fatally Flawed 9-1-1 System

Lawsuit Filed Over Santa Barbara Woman's Death After Routing Snafu

Lawsuit filed over Santa Barbara woman's death after routing snafu. Read story.

SOhO Standing Strong

Santa Barbara's Beloved Music Venue Celebrates Two Decades of Survival

For Santa Barbara’s beloved music venue, survival is all about community. Read story.

Granada Film Series Celebrates Soundtracks

Remembering the Great Movie Music of Elmer Bernstein

Paul Williams hosts this series, which begins with To Kill a Mockingbird on November 24. Read story.

Restaurant Roy Endures

From Espressway Café to Carrillo Street, Roy Gandy Reflects on His 30-Plus Year Culinary Career

From Espressway Café to Carrillo Street, Roy Gandy reflects on his 30-plus year culinary career in Santa Barbara. Read story.

Surviving Santa Barbara

An In-the-Trenches Look at What It Takes to Make a Life in Paradise

Told by the survivors themselves, the many trials and triumphs of calling Santa Barbara home. Read story.

Run Spot Run: The ABCs of Do-Re-Mi

Can UCSB Chancellor Yang Weather Tuition-Increase Storm? How Does Lori Gaskin Bounce Back from Defeat of City College Bond?

The Other White Meat Read story.

Isla Vista's Blueprint for Change?

Report Details Potential Cures for Town's Many Ills

Report details potential cures for town's many ills. Read story.

Foster the People Really Do Try to Foster the People

Los Angeles Indie Rockers Close Out the S.B. Bowl Season

This weekend marks the official end of concert season for the Santa Barbara Bowl, and they’re going out with a bang Read story.

Independent Education Supplement

21st-Century Schools Do Things Differently

From when the bells ring to where the field trips go and how parents receive report cards, schools are changing to adapt to a new era in education. Read story.

No Surly Curs Need Apply

Pygmy Mammoths, Climate Change, and a Fond Farewell to a Man I Never Met

Pygmy mammoths, climate change, and a fond farewell to a man I never met. Read story.

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