Leader of the Nation: An Interview with Kenneth Kahn, the New Chair of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians (Kelsey Brugger)

ON THE COVER: Kenneth Kahn (also above). Photo by Paul Wellman.


If nothing else, you've got to give political candidates some credit for consistently raising the profile of words we might otherwise take for granted, in this case "Yuuuuuge!" as field trippin' Indy staffers said of the printing press they visited last week. Down in Orange County, the temp surpassed 90 degrees, and the heat and humidity in the building that held the three-story press, easily a half a football field in length, was up in the hundreds. "You could taste the ink and toner in the air," described one. "Super nerdy cool," said another of the 55,000-issues-per-hour behemoth, which also allows us to create special editions, such as the Rio Olympics and Fiesta ones being prepped as you read. Now that's huge.

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