30th Annual Local Heroes: Honoring Neighbors and Friends Who Make a Difference (Indy Staff)

Maggie Yates

Maggie Yates has been many things — a dog trainer, a matchmaker, and a singing telegrammist — but it only took her one college semester to realize she preferred theater to all else. Our roving theater writer began her career as a spotlight operator for the Shotgun Players in Berkeley. As she earned a bachelor’s degree in theater and a master of fine arts in writing, she learned to ignore comments from people in cafés: “At least you have waitressing to fall back on.” She creates pieces with Out of the Box Productions, too, which fills her with boundless enthusiasm for Santa Barbara’s arts community.

In Print

‘Looking In, Looking Out: Latin American Photography’ at SBMA

Images of Latin America from the Museum’s Permanent Collection

Images of Latin America from the museum’s permanent collection capture moments of grace. Read story.


Special Report from Deep Inside Santa Barbara’s Quietly Booming Tech Sector

A special report from deep inside Santa Barbara’s quietly booming tech sector. Read story.

Like a Dog on Fire

Thank You, Willy

The Gibraltar Fire could have had a different outcome if not for Willy Chamberlin. Read story.

Anatomy of a Firefighting Success

Quick Response Last Week Knocked Down Potential Disaster

The quick response last week knocked down a potential disaster. Read story.

Hidden Wounds: Vets Desperate for Mental Health Care

As Santa Barbara's VA Flails, Many Suffer Alone

As Santa Barbara's VA flails, many suffer alone. Read story.

Isaac Osborne’s Body Align Pro

Founder of Motion Unlimited Releases New Fitness App for Fixing Bodies

Founder of Motion Unlimited releases new fitness app for fixing bodies. Read story.

How Reginaldo Salcedo Honors the Path to Death

Colombian Priest Gives Interfaith End-of-Life Care with Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care of Santa Barbara County

A Colombian priest gives interfaith end-of-life care with Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care of Santa Barbara County. Read story.

Find Out About FestForward

Free Informational Event Informs About November Conference

This free informational event informs about the November conference. Read story.

Día de los Muertos at the Bowl

Day of the Dead Celebration Turns Three

The Day of the Dead celebration turns three. Read story.

Innovative Latin Bands Play Día de los Muertos

Kinky, La Santa Cecilia, and Chicano Batman at the Bowl

Kinky, La Santa Cecilia, Chicano Batman, and others play the Bowl on October 30. Read story.

Why’d the Dog Cross the Road?

After 15 Years, Time Runs Out for Police Chief Sanchez

After 15 years, time runs out for Police Chief Sanchez. Read story.

Drought Gets Grimmer and Grimmer

Water Experts See Little Hope on the Horizon

Water experts see little hope on the horizon. Read story.

Mike Libecki Presents ‘Untamed Antarctica’ at UCSB

Explorer Kicks Off UCSB Arts & Lectures’ ‘National Geographic' Live Series

The explorer kicks off UCSB Arts & Lectures’ ‘National Geographic' Live series. Read story.

E.J. Cox Releases Debut, ‘River Town,’ at Maverick Saloon

Deep South Country Singer Finds New Home in Santa Barbara

The Deep South country singer has found a new home in Santa Barbara. Read story.

Tracking Baseball Play-Offs, Sans Dodgers

Bill Pintard, Vin Scully, Jessica Mendoza, and More Highlights of the Major League Season

Here’s Bill Pintard, Vin Scully, Jessica Mendoza, and more highlights of the major league season. Read story.

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