Cutting the Red Tape: Alejandra Gutierrez Brings a Village of Resources to the Neighborhood (Kelsey Brugger)

ON THE COVER: Alejandra Gutierrez is flanked by current and former students whom she has offered guidance, academic and personal, to for years. Photo by Paul Wellman.

Lights, Camera, Action! 

The untold story is what drives the baba2films duo: "stories, usually character-driven, that aim for the heart," said Stan Roden, a former Santa Barbara County district attorney. He got hooked on storytelling when he entered the film fest's Green Shorts contest with a two-minute video on the ecological benefits of composting. Film lovers know Phyllis de Picciotto well — she founded the aforementioned S.B. International Film Festival. Together they teach Social Justice Documentary Filmmaking at Antioch College, and like a number of their film shorts, this week's about the Franklin Service Center's Alejandra Gutierrez can be found here.

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