Leaders of the New School: Scott Reed and Patrick Posey Fire Up the Music Academy of the West (Charles Donelan)

ON THE COVER: Scott Reed (right) and Patrick Posey. Photo by Paul Wellman.

Camille Cimini Fruin

Our own Camille Cimini Fruin, who's been an advertising rep with The Santa Barbara Independent for about 25 years now, just let us in on a secret. She has a son named Ollie: the one she never wanted. The secret child, found on the streets of East Los Angeles, is a boy of the King Charles spaniel variety, mostly. "Having two daughters and two granddaughters," she confided, "I was very content with all my girls, but having a little hairy boy in the family has been the best addition I could have ever imagined!"

In Print

A Comet in Santa Barbara's Astronomical World

Dos Pueblo Student Daniel Godinez Looks for His Future Through a Telescope

As a young boy Daniel Godinez was encouraged to reach for the stars by dedicated teachers and scientists. Read story.

Temper Tantrum of the Early-Morning Dog

Dog Restates the Obvious in Aftermath of Isla Vista

The Dog restates the obvious in the aftermath of Isla Vista. Read story.

Chris Shiflett Goes Country

Foo Fighters Guitarist Brings Cowboy Covers to SOhO

The Foo Fighters guitarist returns home with his Dead Peasants. The band plays SOhO on June 5. Read story.

Interview: Pete Yorn

The Singer/Songwriter Embarks on His First-Ever Solo Tour

This week, the L.A.-based singer/songwriter embarks on his first-ever solo acoustic tour. He’ll play Velvet Jones on Saturday, May 31. Read story.

SBDIY Stands Strong

Biko Kept Doors and Arms Open Following I.V. Tragedy

Following Friday's tragedy, a few found solace through music at the Biko Co-op Garage. Read story.

Scene in S.B.

Parking and Primping

A parking attendant studies to be a teacher, and a cosmetologist beautifies residents. Read story.

Isla Vista: The Unwanted Child

Ignored and Ungoverned, the Town Has Grown and Grown

Once a small village of shops and meadows, Isla Vista came to house thousands of young UCSB teenagers with no civic government. Read story.

Isla Vista Killings: Shock. Suffering. Survival.

Isla Vista and the UCSB Community Endure Tragic Killings — and Emerge Stronger

Isla Vista and the UCSB community endure tragic killings — and emerge stronger. Read story.

Both Sides Score Points in Gang Injunction Trial

Closing Arguments Expected This Week

Closing arguments in the divisive criminal case are expected this week. Read story.

Tyvek Goes Way Out West

Detroit Noise Punks Play Biko Co-op May 24

The Detroit noise rockers will headline the Biko Co-op Garage on Saturday, May 24. Read story.

The 22nd Independent Theater Awards

Santa Barbara’s Finest Theater Artists Celebrated

The Independent bestowed 22 awards in the 22nd edition of the Indys. Read story.

Good Man, Happy Dog

It’s Not Political, It’s Personal

Poodle chews on Measure M and comes down with food poisoning. Read story.

Energy Workers and Reps Blast Anti-Fracking Effort

Enviro Leaders and Organizations Conspicuously Silent on Issue

Enviro leaders and organizations have been conspicuously silent on the issue. Read story.

Sports Roundup

Olympic Volleyball, Amgen, and New S.B. Athletic Round Table Hall of Famers

John Zant talks volleyball, Amgen, basketball, and S.B. Athletic Round Table Hall of Famers. Read story.

Chef’s Table with Chris McConnell

Silvergreens’ Top Chef Discusses the Health-Minded Regional Chain of Fast Food Restaurants

Silvergreens’ top chef discusses the health-minded regional chain of fast food restaurants. Read story.

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