Toasting the Food Hall Fad: Marge Cafarelli’s Public Market Is Just One of Four Culinary Collectives Serving S.B. (Matt Kettmann, with Mitchell Kriegman and George Yatchisin)

ON THE COVER: Marge Cafarelli. Photo by Paul Wellman

The Wild(fire) One

When Ray Ford writes about wildfire in Santa Barbara's backcountry, the landmarks he refers to don't come off a map. No matter how distant or hard to get to, they come out of his memory of hiking through, around, or over mountains, peaks, ridges, canyons, pools, and watercourses over the decades. Far from being as relaxed as he seems, after this photo was taken, Ray climbed back into his truck to gather more for his first-hand reports and photographs of the Rey Fire, all posted at independe.... For any who wonder about typos, we can confirm that the fire was not meant to be named after Ray Ford.

In Print

Archie McLaren’s Indulgent Life

Central Coast Wine Classic Founder Reflects on Black Panthers, Avila Beach Pollution, and the Munchies

Central Coast Wine Classic founder reflects on Black Panthers, Avila Beach pollution, and “a transcendent case of the munchies.” Read story.

Chef’s Corner: Puran Joshan

Cooking up Tandoori Favorites and North Indian Flavors Since 1991

This chef’s been cooking up tandoori favorites and North Indian flavors since 1991. Read story.

Blues Master Robert Cray Comes to S.B.

Grammy Award–Winning Guitarist Plays the Lobero

The Grammy Award–winning guitarist plays the Lobero July 24. Read story.

Joel Alcox Is Resurrected

Did This God-Loving Man Serve 25 Years in Prison for a Murder He Didn’t Commit?

Did this God-loving man serve 25 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit? Read story.

The Dog Pound

Ridiculous Rents and What to Do About Them

Ridiculous rents and what to do about them. Read story.

Meet Police Chief Lori Luhnow

She Talks Homelessness, Implicit Bias, and Training Guardians, not Warriors

She talks homelessness, implicit bias, and training guardians, not warriors. Read story.

What’s New at ETC

Upcoming Works, Events, and Programs at Ensemble Theatre Company

Upcoming works, events, and programs at Ensemble Theatre Company. Read story.

Interview with a Goo Goo Doll

Johnny Rzeznik Talks Longevity, Sobriety, and the Past

Johnny Rzeznik talks longevity, sobriety, and the past Read story.

Pacific Health Foods Celebrates 25 Years

Carpinteria Market Launches Beach Town’s First and Only Organic Bakery

The Carpinteria market launches the beach town’s first and only organic bakery. Read story.

Up Against the Condor Trail

Brittany Nielsen Is First to Complete the 400-Mile-Long Trail Through the Los Padres National Forest

Brittany Nielsen is the first to complete the 400-mile-long trail through the Los Padres National Forest. Read story.

Summer Reading: Beast Mode

Extreme Nature Writing Trespasses over the Species Divide

Extreme nature writing trespasses over the species divide Read story.

Dog Is My Autopilot

Poodle Visits Austin in Time of Dallas Massacre

Poodle visits Austin in time of Dallas massacre. Read story.

Biologists Go E-Fishing for Steelhead

Stun and Release Method Commences as Cachuma Goes ‘Dry’

Stun and release method commences as Cachuma goes “dry.” Read story.

Patagonia Joins Food Revolution

Outdoor Retailer Explores Conscious Agriculture in New Film ‘Unbroken Ground’

The outdoor retailer explores conscious agriculture in its new film, ‘Unbroken Ground.’ Read story.

Green Table Goes Extra Mile

West De La Guerra Street Restaurant Serves Gluten-Free, Vegetarian Cuisine

West De La Guerra Street restaurant serves gluten-free, vegetarian cuisine. Read story.

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