The Palm: The Life and Legacy of John Palminteri (Ethan Stewart)

ON THE COVER: John Palminteri (also pictured above). Photos by Paul Wellman.

Dana Solomon

Congratulations to Dana Solomon, newly crowned winner of the first-ever Santa Barbara Independent Mustache Contest! The wonderful whiskers adorning Solomon's upper lip have been cultivated over four years, first with waxes, but all natural more recently. "The handlebar curl on the ends is the natural result of a lot of finger-twisting," Solomon said, "while scheming … " He claims that his magnificent mustache, thriving with the full support of his wife, Sadie, has become "part of the family" and will remain atop his lip indefinitely. "Also, I'm a little afraid of the tan line hiding underneath.”

In Print

Scene in S.B.

Parking and Primping

A parking attendant studies to be a teacher, and a cosmetologist beautifies residents. Read story.

Isla Vista: The Unwanted Child

Ignored and Ungoverned, the Town Has Grown and Grown

Once a small village of shops and meadows, Isla Vista came to house thousands of young UCSB teenagers with no civic government. Read story.

Isla Vista Killings: Shock. Suffering. Survival.

Isla Vista and the UCSB Community Endure Tragic Killings — and Emerge Stronger

Isla Vista and the UCSB community endure tragic killings — and emerge stronger. Read story.

Both Sides Score Points in Gang Injunction Trial

Closing Arguments Expected This Week

Closing arguments in the divisive criminal case are expected this week. Read story.

Tyvek Goes Way Out West

Detroit Noise Punks Play Biko Co-op May 24

The Detroit noise rockers will headline the Biko Co-op Garage on Saturday, May 24. Read story.

The 22nd Independent Theater Awards

Santa Barbara’s Finest Theater Artists Celebrated

The Independent bestowed 22 awards in the 22nd edition of the Indys. Read story.

Good Man, Happy Dog

It’s Not Political, It’s Personal

Poodle chews on Measure M and comes down with food poisoning. Read story.

Energy Workers and Reps Blast Anti-Fracking Effort

Enviro Leaders and Organizations Conspicuously Silent on Issue

Enviro leaders and organizations have been conspicuously silent on the issue. Read story.

Sports Roundup

Olympic Volleyball, Amgen, and New S.B. Athletic Round Table Hall of Famers

John Zant talks volleyball, Amgen, basketball, and S.B. Athletic Round Table Hall of Famers. Read story.

Chef’s Table with Chris McConnell

Silvergreens’ Top Chef Discusses the Health-Minded Regional Chain of Fast Food Restaurants

Silvergreens’ top chef discusses the health-minded regional chain of fast food restaurants. Read story.

DamNation Comes Home

Award-Winning Environmental Documentary Heads to the Lobero Theatre

The award-winning environmental documentary, produced by Patagonia head Yvon Chouinard and UCSB grad Matt Stoecker, premieres May 21. Read story.

The Mission Archive-Library

Take a Look at California History

Free event on May 22 hopes to raise support for Edwin Deakin paintings and library at large. Read story.

Bikes Belong in Santa Barbara

The Tour Is Ephemeral, but the Bicycle Endures

The Amgen Tour of California is here for a day, but our love of cycling won't leave. Read story.

What Hath Dog Wrought?

Women Priests Crashing Pope Francis’s Party

Women priests are crashing Pope Francis’s party. Read story.

'Mr. X' Casts Large Shadow in Gang Injunction Trial

Growing Involvement of Mexican Mafia Alleged

Growing involvement of Mexican Mafia alleged. Read story.

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