’Tis the Season: The Most Complete Guide to Holiday Happenings (Terry Ortega and Savanna Mesch)

ON THE COVER: Photo by Caitlin Fitch.

Hey, No Pressure

The Ray LaMontagne show with My Morning Jacket was nothing short of magical, Savanna Mesch recalls with wonder, dubbing the concert she reviewed for The Indy an exemplar of music "just as a creative thing." As our calendar assistant, Savanna rolls with that ethic as she helps curate S.B.'s stream of events, which are not unlike those she volunteered for back home in Caldwell, Idaho. This particular week, in addition to everything else, Savanna collaborated on our cover-worthy take on the wintry season and then checked in on Mr Little Jeans (see p. 59.). Seriously.

In Print

Pig Dog Rolling in the Mud in the Barn

Trump, Fareed, and the Ensuing Meltdown

Trump and Fareed face an ensuing meltdown. Read story.

Living La Vida Loa

LoaTree and LoaCom Move Into Loa Lounge on Haley Street, Host First Ever LoaFest This Weekend

LoaTree and LoaCom move into Loa Lounge on Haley Street and host the first ever LoaFest this weekend. Read story.

2016 Election Endorsements, Part One

From President to Props, Our Picks for the 2016 Election

From president to props, here are our picks for the 2016 election. Read story.

Lakers Learn from Luke at UCSB

New Coach Walton Shifts Toward Team Ball; Plus, Bye to Vin, Ravelomanantsoa, and Carbajal

New Coach Walton shifts toward team ball; plus, bye to Vin, Ravelomanantsoa, and Carbajal. Read story.

Soul Majestic and Soul Machine Energize Weekend

S.B. Reggae-Rockers and R&B Cover Band Conduct Soulful Experiences

The S.B. reggae-rockers and R&B cover band conduct soulful experiences. Read story.

Race for the 3rd District Supervisor in Santa Barbara County

Joan Hartmann and Bruce Porter Fight for 3rd District Seat on S.B. Board of Supervisors

Joan Hartmann and Bruce Porter fight for the 3rd District seat on the S.B . Board of Supervisors. Read story.

A Dog Inflamed

You Don’t Miss Your Water Till Your Dam Runs Dry…

You don’t miss your water till your dam runs dry … Read story.

Son of Young Mom Killed in Mesa Car Crash Finds New Home

Robin Unander and Husband Dan La Berge Welcome 15-Month-Old Lukas Hunt

Robin Unander and husband Dan La Berge welcome 15-month-old Lukas Hunt. Read story.

Buckets of Tears for Vin Scully

Toasting the Famous Voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers on the Verge of His Retirement

We toast to the famous voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers on the verge of his retirement. Read story.

Burning Muscles at The Bar Method

Workout Franchise in La Cumbre Mall Uses Small Movements for Big Exercise

The workout franchise in La Cumbre Plaza uses small movements for big exercise. Read story.

OceanFest Celebrates UCSB’s REEF

Marine Science Education and Outreach Facility Hosts September 24 Event

Marine science education and outreach facility hosts September 24 event. Read story.

Karaoke Goes Live at SOhO with The Selections

Live Band Gives You That Rock-Star Feeling

Live band of talented musicians gives you that rock star feeling. Read story.

The 2016 Foodie Awards

Our Seventh Annual Celebration of Eating Well in Santa Barbara

Our seventh annual celebration of eating well in Santa Barbara. Read story.

Every Dog Has Its Day

Why Justin Fareed and ‘The Indy’ Ain’t on Speaking Terms

Why Justin Fareed and ‘The Indy’ ain’t on speaking terms. Read story.

School Bond Measures Include Armory Purchase

Measures I and J Would Also Cover $200 Million of Campus Upgrades and Repairs

Measures I and J would also cover $200 million of campus upgrades and repairs. Read story.

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