The 2016 Foodie Awards: Our Seventh Annual Celebration of Eating Well in Santa Barbara (Matt Kettmann and George Yatchisin)

ON THE COVER: Kyle’s Kitchen founders Jay and Deena Ferro with kids Ava, Kyle, Paige, and Ember. Photo by Paul Wellman.

Mixology Mini-Magazine

This week, Matt Kettmann ditches his wine glass and picks up a lowball to explore Santa Barbara's growing craft bartending scene. Our obscure-fact-filled Cocktail Land mini-magazine — which you will find in the center of this paper unless someone has already swiped it to map out their pub crawl — flows downtown, uptown, and across the Mesa to Goleta, searching out the fresh, the weird, and the ever-delicious in a frosty, smoked-pistachio-topped glass. "These mini-mags let our team flex their creative muscles beyond the usual weekly newspaper boundaries," said Matt, who's organized a half-dozen or so over the past year, from Tech-Topia and the film fest's Meet the Makers to an upcoming Santa Barbara Gift Guide. "This just might be my favorite one yet."

In Print

Why We Started the Fiesta Cruiser Ride

Explaining the 1979 Origins of the Annual Bicycle Trek that Finishes Fiesta

Explaining the 1979 origins of the annual bicycle trek that finishes Fiesta. Read story.

Apply Now to Attend TEDx Santa Barbara

Cofounder Mark Sylvester Discusses the Big Ideas Event Coming August 20

Cofounder Mark Sylvester discusses the big ideas event coming on August 20. Read story.

Spencer the Gardener Celebrates 10 Years at Casa Cantina

Singer/Songwriter Is Fixture of the Fiesta He Grew Up On

The S.B. singer/songwriter is a fixture of the Fiesta he grew up on. Read story.

New Chumash Chair Kenny Kahn

Kenny Kahn Talks about the Casino, Taxes, and Camp 4

Chumash Chair Kenny Kahn talks about the casino, the reservation, money, and Camp 4. Read story.

Barking in the Key of G

The White, Black, and Brown of Juvenile InJustice

The white, black, and brown of juvenile InJustice. Read story.

Lake Cachuma 11 Percent Full or 89 Percent Empty?

Desal Plant ‘Opening’ Delayed by a Couple Month

Santa Barbara desalination 'opening' delayed by a couple of months. Read story.

Archie McLaren’s Indulgent Life

Central Coast Wine Classic Founder Reflects on Black Panthers, Avila Beach Pollution, and the Munchies

Central Coast Wine Classic founder reflects on Black Panthers, Avila Beach pollution, and “a transcendent case of the munchies.” Read story.

Chef’s Corner: Puran Joshan

Cooking up Tandoori Favorites and North Indian Flavors Since 1991

This chef’s been cooking up tandoori favorites and North Indian flavors since 1991. Read story.

Blues Master Robert Cray Comes to S.B.

Grammy Award–Winning Guitarist Plays the Lobero

The Grammy Award–winning guitarist plays the Lobero July 24. Read story.

Joel Alcox Is Resurrected

Did This God-Loving Man Serve 25 Years in Prison for a Murder He Didn’t Commit?

Did this God-loving man serve 25 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit? Read story.

The Dog Pound

Ridiculous Rents and What to Do About Them

Ridiculous rents and what to do about them. Read story.

Meet Police Chief Lori Luhnow

She Talks Homelessness, Implicit Bias, and Training Guardians, not Warriors

She talks homelessness, implicit bias, and training guardians, not warriors. Read story.

What’s New at ETC

Upcoming Works, Events, and Programs at Ensemble Theatre Company

Upcoming works, events, and programs at Ensemble Theatre Company. Read story.

Interview with a Goo Goo Doll

Johnny Rzeznik Talks Longevity, Sobriety, and the Past

Johnny Rzeznik talks longevity, sobriety, and the past Read story.

Pacific Health Foods Celebrates 25 Years

Carpinteria Market Launches Beach Town’s First and Only Organic Bakery

The Carpinteria market launches the beach town’s first and only organic bakery. Read story.

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