Toasting the Food Hall Fad: Marge Cafarelli’s Public Market Is Just One of Four Culinary Collectives Serving S.B. (Matt Kettmann, with Mitchell Kriegman and George Yatchisin)

ON THE COVER: Marge Cafarelli. Photo by Paul Wellman

The Wild(fire) One

When Ray Ford writes about wildfire in Santa Barbara's backcountry, the landmarks he refers to don't come off a map. No matter how distant or hard to get to, they come out of his memory of hiking through, around, or over mountains, peaks, ridges, canyons, pools, and watercourses over the decades. Far from being as relaxed as he seems, after this photo was taken, Ray climbed back into his truck to gather more for his first-hand reports and photographs of the Rey Fire, all posted at independe.... For any who wonder about typos, we can confirm that the fire was not meant to be named after Ray Ford.

In Print

From FBI Boss to Death Penalty Foe

Tom Parker's Quest to Free a Convicted Murderer

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SBIFF Wave Festival Brings French Films

For This Year’s Second Mini-Fest, France is Represented

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Dead Dogs of the World Unite

Poodle’s Fear-Based Vote Against the Scary Clown

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The S.B. Bowl Now

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America’s Top Teen Tennis Phenom

Santa Barbara’s 16-Year-Old Kayla Day Is Ranked Number One; Plus Olympics and Semana Nautica

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Mark Calderon Talks Then and Now

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Hedge Fund Manager Under Investigation Commits Suicide

Paul Welterlen was Facing Likely Charges of Grand Theft, Securities Fraud, and Money Laundering

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Our 7th Annual Sizzling Summer BBQ Contest

Culinary Chaos Ensues During Winners’ Showcase at The Brewhouse

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Welcome to Breakfast

New Caffeine and Culture Emporium Opens on Chapala Street

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Farhana Sahibzada Teaches Indian Cooking

Chef and Cookbook Author Brings South Asian Spice to SBCC This Summer

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Solstice Welcomes Two New Faces

Robin Elander and Robby Robbins Head Up Beloved Parade

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Solstice and Other Summer Fun

The Best Happenings to Get You Through the Hot Months

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Raising Canine

The Latest on the Henry Han Murder Case

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Live Oak Fest Grows Americana Roots with James McMurtry and Sarah Jarosz

Texas Singer/Songwriters Reflect on State of the Union and the Self

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The Waterline Drops into the Funk Zone

The Nook Restaurant and Lama Dog Bottle Shop Are First to Open in Food, Drink, and Arts Complex

The Nook restaurant and Lama Dog Bottle Shop are first to open in food, drink, and arts complex. Read story.

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