On March 18 and 19, the oaken lakeside grounds in Santa Ynez will be alight with the glow of stars, both celestial and of the indie-rock variety. For the first time, the Starry Nites Festival is set to rock the Live Oak Campground with a colorful pastiche of indie-rock, classic-rock, and psychedelic-rock acts such as Alan Parsons, The Kills, Cat Power, The Dandy Warhols, She Wants Revenge, and many more. The festival, started by Tommy Dietrick and Kerry Brown of Joshua Tree’s Desert Stars Festival, kicks off a festival season that also includes the culmination of Lucidity Festival before its transformation into something as yet unknown (see future issues for deeper coverage on Lucidity). For now, we spoke with Starry Nites’ founders about what makes this festival unique, plus interviews with Alan Parsons, She Wants Revenge, and Kolars.

Groovin' High with Kyle Roe

KCSB has been known for eclectic sounds, whether the politics of Sean Hannity or the extensive blues collection of Greg Drust. Most recently, the Mint & Mothballs show during the afternoon hour between two and three has been curated by UCSB senior Kyle Roe — also known to moonlight as an Indy intern — who loves to program mind-blowing lineups, such as the 20-minute minimalist Steve Reich piece he followed up with Samadhi's Kenyan death metal. "I first really got into music playing in school jazz bands," he said, "and kind of learned what songs were really fun to play from a musician's perspective." That point of view infused his piece on Syrian pop star Omar Souleyman, who drove straight to a Storke Plaza show after getting trapped in an Arizona airport’s customs. "It was great. People were up and dancing everywhere. He was such a presence." We predict Kyle will be, too, wherever graduation takes him.

In Print

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Let Leonard Peltier Go Free

Interview with a Native American Seeking Clemency After 41 Years Behind Bars

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Tennis Phenom Kayla Day Goes Pro

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Nonprofit Group Helps Harvest Rainwater and Make Yards Sustainable

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Santa Barbara’s Year in Pictures 2016

Our Annual Photographic Trip Down Recent Memory Lane

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New Book ‘The Psychedelic Gospels’ Explores Possibility of Holy Hallucinogens

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Six Test Kitchen’s Garage Gourmet Stupefies

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Northern Lights Revealed

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Tenant Protections Put on Menu for Santa Barbara City Council

Majority Want to Hear Various Options

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Omar Velasco & Friends Hold Totem Benefit

Second Annual Festival of Friends Features Nate Salman, Sierra Reeves, and Jeremy Reineck

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SOhO Hosts Fundraiser Concert for Freedom Warming Centers

Le Reve Nouveau, Jesse Rhodes, Cory Sipper, George Friedenthal, and Shaun Oster Bring Warmth

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Trump's Washington Through Film

A Night at the (Political) Movies

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Transgender Life in Santa Barbara

Transgender Prom Queen and Religious Leaders Are Changing Santa Barbara’s Attitudes to Gender Identity

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