Resurrected: Did This God-Loving Man Serve 25 Years in Prison for a Murder He Didn’t Commit? (Tyler Hayden)

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For the Best of All

An election should be a deliberate and considered proposal, undertaken with serious and thoughtful intent. But it needn't drag on forever. Unlike some balloting we're aware of, voting in The Santa Barbara Independent’s Best of Santa Barbara® Readers’ Poll lasts a scant four weeks. It is open to all comers, young or old, resident or visitor, and winning does not require deep pockets or fundraising, oratory or other operatic skills. What is needed is an untrammeled opinion of at least 20 of the potential Bests in Santa Barbara. The choices pop up online today at, and also at page 45 within. Wednesday, August 17, at 5 p.m. is when we call time. Not to be confused with that other vote in November.

In Print

SBCC’s Running Start Gives Glimpses of a Higher Self

Empowerment Program Aimed at High School Grads Who Weren’t Considering College

The empowerment program aims at high school grads who weren’t considering college. Read story.

City College Pledges Two Free Years for S.B. Grads

The SBCC Promise Looks to Repair Rifts in Community Relations

The SBCC Promise looks to repair rifts in community relations. Read story.

SBIFF’s The Wave Film Festival

Pacific Rim Cinematic Fare at the Riviera

Pacific Rim cinematic fare May 11-15 at the Riviera. Read story.

A Dog by Any Other Name

Refugio Oil Spill One Year Later: Too Many Unanswered Questions

Refugio Oil Spill one year later: too many unanswered questions Read story.

Has Housing Experiment Created a Monster?

City Leaders Gasp at 36 High-Density Projects in the Pipeline

City leaders gasp at 36 high-density projects in the pipeline. Read story.

The Blue Owl Wakes for Dinner

Chefs Cindy Black and Toi Dennis Expand Beyond Lunch and Late-Night

Cindy Black and Toi Dennis expand beyond lunch and late-night on West Canon Perdido Street. Read story.

Pascal Baudar Walks on the Wild Side

The renowned forager joins the Ojai Herb Walks series. Read story.

Lots to Love About Lucius

Singer Holly Laessig Talks New Record, Life on the Road, and April Fool’s

Singer Holly Laessig talks new record, life on the road, and April Fool’s Read story.

Bridge School’s Benefits

Carole Bennett and Alain Cardinal Teach Classic and Competitive Game on De la Vina Street

Carole Bennett and Alain Cardinal teach classic and competitive game on De la Vina Street. Read story.

Film Fest’s Riviera Dream Comes True

SBIFF to Take Over the Historic Theater for Next 30 Years

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival is taking over the historic theater for the next 30 years. Read story.

Dog Eat Dog

Poodle Salivates at Prospect of Brokered Election

Poodle salivates at the prospect of a brokered election. Read story.

Reverend Mark Asman 'Refires'

Reflects on 21-Year Legacy of Activism

Reflects on 21-year legacy of activism. Read story.

Chuck Prophet Returns to Santa Barbara

Folk-Rock Singer/Songwriter Plays the Lobero April 23

Folk rock singer/songwriter plays the Lobero April 23 Read story.

Anderson East Speaks

Smoky-Voiced Singer Talks New Album 'Delilah,' Country Categories, and His Voice

The smoky-voiced singer talks his new album 'Delilah,' country categories, and his voice. Read story.

Third District Supervisor Race Begins

Five Candidates Duke It Out in the Swing District

Santa Barbara’s 3rd District Supervisor Race Has Five Candidates and Lots of Battles Read story.

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