SBIFF Week 2: Rooney Mara, Plus The Big Short, Room, and Spotlight Directors Interviewed; Festival Peeps; and Movies for Breakfast (Indy Staff)

ON THE COVER: Illustration of Rooney Mara by Ben Ciccati.

Bright Light, Big Stars

Emily Cosentino, whose high school football team narrowly avoided being called the Needham Pansies, has hit The Independent like the proverbial whirlwind. Our mild-mannered promotions manager sailed through the prep for Ethan Stewart’s Paris talk at Antioch shortly after she arrived and organized our Meet the Makers party to a T. “I love parties,” she said. “I met the New York restaurant guy [who directed The Missing Ingredient] … he was so excited to be here.” The Massachusetts native — her team chose the town's other industry, rockets — is now stirring up our annual St. Patrick's Day Stroll and a new collaboration with Brewhouse. “There'll be a release party for that,” she beamed.

In Print

Local Heroes 2015

The Independent’s Annual Issue Honoring Some of S.B.’s Finest

The Independent’s annual issue honoring some of the finest folks in S.B. Read story.

Meet Hidden City Studios

Producer Opens Grassroots Recording Retreat

Elliott Lanam opens a grassroots recording retreat. Read story.

Filling a Mental Health Missing Link

County Opens New Crisis Stabilization Unit

County opens new Crisis Stabilization Unit. Read story.

Bill Sanford Bets on The Video Shop

New Owner for Oldest (and Only) Video-Rental Shop in Town

Meet the new owner for the oldest (and only) video-rental shop in town. Read story.

New Wine Bar Goes Old World

Five & ¼ Freshens Up the Formula

Five & ¼ freshens up the formula. Read story.

Cherub Charms Earl Warren

“Doses & Mimosas” Duo Now a Four-Piece Band

The “Doses & Mimosas” duo will play as a four-piece band. Read story.

Ross Macdonald at 100

The Rediscovery of Santa Barbara’s Greatest Writer

The rediscovery of Santa Barbara’s greatest writer. Read story.

Maya No Mystery to Her

UCSB Professor Anabel Ford’s New Book Bangs Drum on Sustainable-Forest-Cultivation Theory

UCSB Professor Anabel Ford’s new book bangs drum on sustainable-forest-cultivation theory. Read story.

Will Future Generations Forgive Us?

Letters to the Future from Tom Hayden, Bill McKibben, T.C. Boyle, and Jim Hightower

Letters to the Future from Tom Hayden, Bill McKibben, T.C. Boyle, and Jim Hightower before the Paris climate talks. Read story.

Yoichi’s Introduces Kaiseki to Santa Barbara

Clean, Pure, Elegant Japanese Cuisine Now Served on East Victoria Street

Clean, pure, elegant, and ambitious Japanese cuisine is now served on East Victoria Street. Read story.

Getting Schooled in Santa Barbara

Exploring the Many Paths to an Education in S.B. County

The Independent explores the many paths to an education in S.B. County. Read story.

24th Annual OUTrageous Film Festival Returns

This Year’s Schedule Highlights International LGBTQ Selections

This year’s schedule highlights international LGBTQ selections. Read story.

That Dog Don’t Hunt

Is That a Pistol in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Read story.

Parent Funding at Public Schools a Must

But Does the New Model Give Some Campuses an Unfair Advantage

But does the new model give some campuses an unfair advantage? Read story.

B’nai B’rith Honors Jewish Fighters

Legacy Luncheon Celebrates 18 Surviving WWII Veterans in S.B. County

Legacy luncheon celebrates 18 surviving WWII veterans in Santa Barbara County. Read story.

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