Kidnap Scam: One Family’s Day and Night of Threats, Panic, and Pure Terror (Keith Hamm)

ON THE COVER: Mike and Audrey Tognotti with a picture of their youngest daughter, Addy.

Photo by Paul Wellman.

A Gift for Giving

Happily, ’tis the season for giving and for eating, which made November the perfect month to team up with John Dixon of Tri-County Produce for The Indy's first Grocery Giveaway. Gift cards worth $100 for Dixon's beautifully fresh produce, juices, charcuterie, breads, and other kitchen necessaries from Tri-County were given away over the course of nine days to nine lucky winners. Each received two gift cards: one for themselves and a second to give to a friend, charity, or nonprofit, spreading them among Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, Mission House, Direct Relief, and Guide Dog Puppy Raisers of Santa Barbara. We plan to keep the giving spirit into the winter months; next up: The 12 Days of Gifting, starting December 8.

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101 Decongestant on Time-Release

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Fall Happenings

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From Dog to Worse

Making Sense of Health-Care Stats

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Gaviota Plan Coalescing

Advisory Document Includes Homes, Trails, Fracking, Incentive Plans for Ranchers and Residents

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Nomad Italian Reaches the Beach

Convivo Opens at the Santa Barbara Inn

Convivo opens at the Santa Barbara Inn. Read story.

Robot Helps People Walk Again

Cottage Hospital’s Ekso GT Gives Mobility Back to Spinal-Cord-Injury and Stroke Patients

Cottage Hospital’s Ekso GT gives mobility back to spinal-cord-injury and stroke patients. Read story.

‘Gomorrah’ Is a Chilling, Riveting Series

Italian TV Import Follows Naples Crime Syndicate

The Italian TV show follows the Naples crime syndicate with a delicate balance of emotional engagement and neutral dispassion. Read story.

Las Cumbres Observatory Connects Us to the Cosmos

Headquartered in Goleta, the World’s First Global Telescope Network Is Now Opening Eyes and Blowing Minds

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B-b-b-ad to the B-b-b-bone

Lompoc Psychic Scam Artists Confirm ‘Theory of Lee’

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The Zombies Play Ojai's Libbey Bowl

Iconic '60s British Invasion Band Still Making Brilliant Music

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CAFWA Empowers African Women

Santa Barbara-Based Nonprofit Works on Sustainable Solutions in Northern Uganda

Santa Barbara-based nonprofit works on sustainable solutions in Northern Uganda. Read story.

Food Hall Frenzy

Inside Santa Barbara’s Spin on the International Trend of Shared Food & Drink Developments

Inside Santa Barbara’s spin on the international trend of shared food & drink developments. Read story.

Step Into Château Choló

Gustavo Uribe and Isaac Welsh Launch Hip-Hop Production Platform with Beats for Sale

Gustavo Uribe and Isaac Welsh launch their hip-hop production platform with beats for sale. Read story.

Build, Baby, Build?

Santa Barbara's City Council Says 'Not Now' to Development Impact Fees

Santa Barbara's City Council says 'not now' to development impact fees. Read story.

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