Figueroa Mountain Activities

Catway Road

Narrow Ridge Leads from Figueroa to the Zaca Peak Overlook

For a short ride that ends with views over the entire San Rafael Wilderness, you can't beat the trip out to the Figueroa Jeepway and back. Continuing on to the Zake Lake Overlook makes it one of the best. Read story.

East Pinery Loop

A Combination of Canyon Beauty and Aromatic Pines.

This is one of the prettiest rides in Santa Barbara, combining the beauty of Fir Canyon with a ride back up through an aromatic grove of Yellow, Jeffrey, and Coulter pines. Read story.

East Pinery Out n' Back

A Short Ride You Can Take the Kids On

The route itself isn't long and it's actually not a trail but a well graded road which goes down the main ridgeline leading north from Ranger Peak. Yet it is an enchanting place. Read story.

Figueroa Mountain Lookout

Best Viewpoint in the BackcountryThough not a long ride, the road leads through beautiful pine forests to the top of Figueroa Mountain. From its 4,500' crest you can see everywhere.

Though not a long ride, the road leads through beautiful pine forests to the top of Figueroa Mountain. From its 4,500' crest you can see everywhere. Read story.

Figueroa Mountain Loop

A tough ride, a bit of pain, the ultimate valley ride.

In the spring there is no more beautiful place in the county than the crest of Figueroa Mountain, literally covered with square miles of poppy and lupine and forests of Coulter pine. Read story.

Figueroa Mountain Loop Drive

Mattei's Tavern to Nira Camp - Guide to the High Country

One of the best drives in the county, the road from Los Olivos to Nira takes you through the heart of the backcountry. Read story.

Figueroa Mountain One-Day Hike/Bike

Double Your Fun

Mileage: 3.0 ascending hike and 8.5 miles easy cycling. Suggested time: Approximately 4 hours, not including driving time to Santa Ynez Read story.

Fir Canyon & Jeepway

A Big Downhill and a Good Uphill Make for a Fantastic Loop

This is the prettiest canyon in Santa Barbara. From its pine-crested start atop Figueroa Mountain to its end at Davy Brown Camp Fir Canyon is filled with lush vegetation, cascading pools and of course, tall firs trees. Continuing up via the Jeepway provides a great looop. Read story.

Hell's Half Acre & Beyond

Get a Hard Core Ride and a Taste of the Wilderness the Same Day

Though the entire ride is along a dirt road, it provides views out over both the San Rafael Wilderness and the Santa Ynez Valley. The road follows a long ridgeline leading to the wilderness's namesake - 6, 593' San Rafael Mountain. Read story.

Munch Canyon

A Combination of Opposites:Canyon Beauty and Rugged Chaparral

This ride combines the beauty of Fir Canyon with the rugged chaparral of Munch Canyon, a combination of opposites that is the trademark of the back country. Read story.

White Rock Trail

Visit an Old Mine and Do a Big Ride

White Rock Trail is named after the outcroppings of brilliant white sandstone a mile down the trail and just south of the historic chrome mine. This trail is the remnant of an old jeepway which once serviced the mine, though it is now overgrown enough to seem just a trail. It provides an enjoyable way to traverse from Ranger Peak to Sunset Valley Road below. Read story.

Zaca Peak overlook

Bike and Hike Out to the Best Views of Zaca Lake

The Catway Road provides a wonderful way to get a feeling for the back country, wandering through pine forests and steep, grass-covered hillsides for 8 miles to the Zaca Overlook. Read story.

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