Santa Barbara Activities

A Three Hour Tour:

Humpbacks, Gray Whales Draw Crowds to the Channel

Crowds hoping to see migrating Humpback and Gray Whales flock to the Santa Barbara Channel. Read story.

Arroyo Burro Beach

A beach walker's paradise.

Just having a quaint beachside restaurant at the ocean's edge makes this beach a nice place to visit. The coastline in either direction provides access to long stretches of relatively deserted beach. Read story.

Douglas Preserve

A great place to see the perfect sunset.

The walk along the edge of the cliff at sunset is one of the nicest you will find anywhere. The steps leading down to the beach at the end of Mesa Lane is nearby, making a very nice loop walk to Arroyo Burro via the beach and back up the trail. Read story.

East Beach Walking

Volleyball, a kid's playground and the beach walking is good.

East Beach is quintessential Santa Barbara: wide stretches of soft, white sand, palm-lined boulevards, the red-tiled roofs of the East Beach pavilion, and one of California's most picturesque combinations of wharf and harbor. The beach walking is good too. Read story.

Elings Park Hikes

Best Sunset Views in Town

For most people, Elings Park serves as a destination for more traditional recreational activities such as soccer or softball. There is even a BMX track in the park for younger kids and plenty of places for a very nice weekend picnic. But there is also a number of opportunities for walks. Read story.

La Cumbre Peak Off-Trail Scramble

Don't Try This Without a Guide Who's Completed It Before

Mighty La Cumbre Peak looms north, high above my puny dwelling on Santa Barbara’s Westside. Read story.

Manzana Trail Magic

Good Time to Explore San Rafael Wilderness

Now’s a good time to explore this popular hike through the San Rafael Wilderness. Read story.

Mesa Lane - Gateway to Heaven

Loads of stairs and lots of fun.

Mesa Lane is a nice alternative access point to Arroyo Burro on the really warm days when there are huge crowds there. Ninety percent of the people who visit Arroyo Burro rarely venture more than a half mile in either direction, which means if you drop down from Mesa Lane you won't see too many people. Read story.

Santa Barbara Harbor

Plenty of places to meander and the views from the breakwater are wonderful.

Walking along the edge of the harbor, listening to the sound of the sailboat lines clinking in the breeze, watching the seals lazily making their way through the channels and the boats of such varying types and sizes slowing making their way in and out is wonderful. Read story.

Shoreline Park Beach Walking

The closest place to go for a secluded beach walk.

The park is long and thin, encompassing almost a mile of the bluffs just west of Santa Barbara Point. There are plenty of places for picnics and barbecues, equipment for the kids to play on, and a stairway leading down to the beach, where you can enjoy a quiet walk along the cliffs. Read story.

Solstice Shines

Photo Gallery from June 20 Parade

Here's our photo gallery from Saturday's parade. Read story.

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