Santa Ynez Mountain Activities

Forbush Flats or Bust

Fall Colors, Winter Coolness, and Great Views of the Backcountry

The hike down the back side of Cold Springs Trail to Forbush Flat provides the perfect winter workout. Read story.

Manzana Trail Magic

Good Time to Explore San Rafael Wilderness

Now’s a good time to explore this popular hike through the San Rafael Wilderness. Read story.

Nineteen Oaks Dayhike

The entire trail hike has great geological interest. Read story.

Snyder Trail

From Either the Top or Bottom, A Nice trail to Hike

Snyder Trail provides a long hike, especially for those who are staying at Sage Hill. The trailhead is just a few hundred yards before you reach the Los Prietos Ranger Station where this camp is located. Read story.

The Last Man in Paradise

Forest Service Finally Forcing Tom Merkel to Leave His Paradise Road Cabin

Forest Service finally forcing Tom Merkel to leave his Paradise Road cabin. Read story.

Upper Romero Trail Loop

If you like great views, you'll love this trail. The route follows Romero Road for 1.5 miles down towards until it intersects the Romero Trail, then follows this up to the top of the mountains. Though you will have a steep hike to the crest, once there you'll feel like you are on top of the world. Read story.

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