Santa Ynez Valley Activities

Alisos Canyon Loop

Miles of rural countryside and beautiful scenery.

An excellent middle distance ride with miles of rural countryside and beautiful scenery; most of it, with the exception of Highway 246, is on little-traveled roads. Read story.

Ballard Canyon Loop

Just 14 miles long but one of the best.

allard Canyon is one of the prettiest hideaways in the area, a long, thin valley formed by the creek running through the middle of it. The canyon is isolated, with few cars and lots of scenery. You may even spot a few bison grazing in the hills. Read story.

Casmalia Loop

Not quite a metric century, the route takes you down the entire Los Alamos Valley, through the lovely Casmalia Hills and cuts across Santa Maria into the upper Sisquoc River valley. Read story.

Drum Canyon/Harris Grade

Prescription for the perfect workout: back country roads and excellent scenery.

Prescription for the perfect workout: back country roads, excellent scenery, not too much traffic, and a couple of good climbs-this is an apt description of the Drum Canyon/Harris Grade Loop, especially during wildflower season. Read story.

Foxen Canyon Wine Tour

Historic trail leads to fine wine and good times.

Today Foxen Canyon is explored only by those out for an afternoon ride or in search of the excellent wineries developed here since the 1970s. Read story.

Happy Canyon

As cheerful a ride as its name implies

Happy Canyon is as cheerful as its name; rolling hills and tall valley oaks lead across the lower flanks of the San Rafael Mountains into this charming canyon. Read story.

Happy Canyon/Ballard Loop

The ride along Armour Ranch down into Happy Canyon is beautiful. Dotted with valley oaks and large horse breeding ranches, it is a pleasure to ride through this area in any season. Read story.

Los Olivos Metric

The ultimate ride for those who want to experience the heart of Santa Barbara County.

Combining the Santa Ynez, Lompoc, and Los Alamos valleys, this century ride provides an ultimate ride for those who want to experience the heart of Santa Barbara County. Read story.

Nojoqui Falls

Mellow riding, great scenery and the ultimate waterfall.

Nojoqui Falls is located in one of Santa Barbara's prettiest county parks. It is a short walk up the lush, narrow canyon to the falls, a 150' foot drop over a travertine apron filled with clusters of maidenhair fern. Read story.

Tour of the Valleys

A showcase for the scenic western part of the county.

While most of the longer valley rides of necessity include roads on both sides of Highway 101, the Buellton Metric Century is unique in that all of it is west of the highway, showcasing the scenic western part of the county. Read story.

Zaca Station Loop

Picturesque country charm and great wineries make this a treat.

The country feeling begins almost immediately after you turn onto Foxen Canyon Road but the real treat are the wineries that lay ahead: Firestone; Fess Parker; and Zaca Mesa among others. Read story.

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