Town Walks

Douglas Preserve

A great place to see the perfect sunset.

The walk along the edge of the cliff at sunset is one of the nicest you will find anywhere. The steps leading down to the beach at the end of Mesa Lane is nearby, making a very nice loop walk to Arroyo Burro via the beach and back up the trail. Read story.

Elings Park Hikes

Best Sunset Views in Town

For most people, Elings Park serves as a destination for more traditional recreational activities such as soccer or softball. There is even a BMX track in the park for younger kids and plenty of places for a very nice weekend picnic. But there is also a number of opportunities for walks. Read story.

Ellwood Monarch Groves

Where Butterflies Fill The Skies With Winter Magic

rom the end of Coronado Drive you can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of monarch butterflies fluttering through the tall eucalyptus trees during the winter months, then walk out over the open meadows to the bluff tops. Small trails lead in and out of the eucalyptus trees and a network of paths throughout the bluffs, allowing you to walk for miles. Read story.


Spectacular Oaks, a Pretty Stream and Oprah Nearby

e of the most beautiful strolls through an oak woodland environment. Almost entirely level. The oak forests are deep in the heart of Montecito and provide a glimpse of why this area received its name which means "little forest" or "little woods" in Spanish. Read story.

Greenwell Trail

Connecting Summerland to the Greater Montecito Trails Network

Provides access to a number of parts of Summerland as well as the Montecito Valley. Read story.

Lake Los Carneros

A Great Place for a Quiet Walk

The stroll around the lake provides a wonderful early morning or afternoon walk. The lake and mountain backdrop make you feel like you are out in the country. This is a great place to watch birds, including many varieties of ducks thagt migrate here in the winter. Read story.

Polo Club Trail

A Quiet Trail Loaded with Hidden Delights

From the Greenwell Preserve to Toro Canyon, you'll spy down onto several of the finest stables and polo fields in the area. Read story.

San Antonio Creek Trail

A Great Place to Take Kids

Looking for an easy introductory hike for the kids, the San Antonio Creek Trail is almost level and provides plenty of places to play. Read story.

Toro Canyon

Several short trails, Each with Special Views

The trail is short and not too steep. It's romantic, too. A small covered gazebo is situated in a perfect spot for sunset views in east or west. Read story.

Valley Club Loop

Catch a glimpse of several of the most exclusive riding clubs to be found here as well as a combination of trails which allow you a glimpse of Montecito you won't see any other way. Read story.

West Campus Loop

A Walk Around the Devereaux Sough and Bluffs

Where you can walk for miles and miles along the bluffs towards Sandpiper Golf Course, and if you wish, make this a loop walk by returning along the beach. Read story.

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