Fire Near Refugio Road

20 Acres Burning By West Camino Cielo; 10 Engines, 2 Air Tankers, 150 People Fighting Flames

UPDATED, 8:45 p.m.: Fire held at 15 acres, crews mopping up. Read story.

Burn Victims Agree to $6 Million Settlement with Tea Garden Owner

Civil Suit Against 'Tea Fire Ten' Continues

Civil suit against “Tea Fire Ten” continues. Read story.

City to Pay Damages to Tea Fire Victims

The city must pay monetary damages to three victims of 2008’s Tea Fire who lost their homes and were prevented by the city from rebuilding because of the Conejo Slide Ordinance. Read story.

Fire Crews Work to Extinguish Figueroa Fire

Wildfire Along Sisquoc River 60% Contained

Fire may have been started accidentally. Read story.

Jesusita Fire Litigation Heats Up

Lawsuits Filed Against Trail Workers and Tool Manufacturer

Lawsuits filed against trail workers and tool manufacturer. Read story.

Mission Canyon Dreaming

Two years after the Jesusita Fire Sam Kornell Looks at the Idyllic Past and to the Global Future of Fire, Flood and Drought

Two years after the Jesusita Fire Sam Kornell Looks at the Idyllic Past and to the Global Future of Fire, Flood and Drought Read story.

Tea Fire Victims File Suit

Lance and Carla Hoffman Claim Negligence and Nuisance

Lance and Carla Hoffman claim negligence and nuisance. Read story.

Highway 154 Truck Fire Extinguished

Brief Blaze Put Out, But Not Before Traffic Brought to Standstill in Santa Ynez Valley

Brief blaze put out, but not before traffic is brought to a standstill in Santa Ynez Valley. Read story.

Trail Workers Get Community Service

Dana Larsen and Craig Ilenstine were sentenced to community service for not having proper equipment for brush-clearing activities, a charge stemming from the DA’s Office investigation of the Jesusita Fire. Read story.

Jesusita Fire Defendants Win Major Victory in Court Ruling

Judge Rules That “Hot Work” Statute Does Not Apply to Defendant’s Use of a Weed Cutter

Court rules against DA theory a "hot work" permit is required for use of a weed cutter. Read story.

Jesusita Attorneys File Briefs

Attorneys for Craig Ilenstine and Dana Larsen, accused of illegal actions that may have led to the start of the devastating Jesusita Fire, plan to file briefs addressing what sort of activities require a hot work permit. Read story.

Men Accused of Starting Jesuita Fire Plead Not Guilty

Craig Ilenstine and Dana Larsen Still Face Misdemeanor Charges

Craig Ilenstine and Dana Larsen still face misdemeanor charges. Read story.

From the Ground Up

Some Santa Barbara Fire Survivors Are Choosing to Rebuild Their Homes Greener and Safer

Some Santa Barbara fire survivors are choosing to rebuild their homes greener and safer. Read story.

Firefighting Under Fire

Environmental Group May Sue Fire Agencies for Retardant Drops That Killed Steelhead

Environmental group may sue fire agencies for retardant drops that killed steelhead. Read story.

Trail Gnomes Charged in Jesusita Fire

Misdemeanors Could Mean Fines, Jail Time, and Civil Penalties for Craig Ilenstine and Dana Larsen

Misdemeanors could mean fines, jail time, and civil penalties for Craig Ilenstine and Dana Larsen. Read story.

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Public Resources

    Phone Numbers:
  • Public Information Hotline
    (805) 681-5195
  • SB Evacuation Info Line
    (805) 681-5195
  • Gap Fire Information
    (805) 961-5770
  • Reverse 911 sign-up line (to allow Fire personnel to reach you)
    (805) 681-4706
  • Forest Service Tip Line
    (805) 961-5710
  • Animal Shelter Hotline
    (805) 681-4332

    Radio Stations:
  • AM Stations: KTMS-990; KZSB-1290; KUHL-1410 and KINF-1440.
  • FM Stations: KCSB-91.9; KSPE-94.5
  • (Spanish); KSYV-96.7; KTYD-99.9; KSBL-101.7; KRAZ-105.9 and KIST-107.7.

  • Santa Barbara County's Channel 20
  • City of Santa Barbara, Channel 18
  • City of Goleta at Channel 19

    Additional Info:
  • In the event of a possible evacuation due to the Gap Fire the Public Health Department wants to identify individuals with special needs who may be unable to evacuate without help and those who need medical equipment that require electricity. please call (805) 968-0462 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

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