La Brea Wednesday Update

Containment Improving but Wilderness Burns

Only wilderness areas remain uncontained as fire battle continues to improve, expanded closures and erosion mitigation efforts begin in burnt areas. Read story.

La Brea Evacuation Orders Downgraded

Changed to Warnings Under Improved Conditions

Additional Evacuation Orders, Warnings Downgraded in La Brea Fire as conditions improve Read story.

La Brea Fire Tuesday Morning Report

Little growth, big efforts toward containment

Slow growth for fire as suppression efforts succeed and previous burns slow progress. Read story.

La Brea Fire, Day Ten

Spread Slows As Containment Efforts Grow to 75%

Firefighting focus will be shoring up the east flank to hold fire advance, 75% containment achieved; community meeting in the evening. Read story.

Sunday Evening La Brea Fire Report

Slow Growth, More Containment, Evacuation Changes

Best day in a week for firefighters, with slow growth, low fire activity and strong advances in containment; southeast remains most active. Read story.

Some Evacuation Orders Lifted in La Brea Fire

Downgraded to Evacuation Warnings

Tepusquet, Colson, and Ruiz Canyons and some rural roads downgraded to evacuation warnings at noon. Los Padres Forest still closed as firefighting continues. Read story.

Sunday La Brea Fire Report

Success on Saturday Improves Suppression Efforts

New lines drawn and preventive measures increase confidence of increased containment; western flank focus of efforts, while east remains difficult. Read story.

La Brea Fire Evening Report for Saturday

Strides Made in Containment and Holding

Day ends with more containment, most of the fire growth due to controlled defensive burns, as hard work seems to be paying off. Read story.

Fire Investigators Suspect La Brea Fire Caused by Marijuana Cultivation

Evidence Points to Illegal Cooking Fire as Cause of the 84,000-Acre Blaze

Bizarre twist to La Brea fire investigation as evidence points to a cooking fire in an illegal marijuana cultivation camp; the suspects may still be in fire area. Read story.

Super Scooper Works La Brea Fire

Unique Water Bomber Refills from Cachuma

Pelican-like aircraft a first for our county in battling blazes from flight-refillable water bomber. Read story.

La Brea Fire Report for Saturday

Another 10,000 Acres Gone; Back-fires and Burn Outs Continue

Backfires and burnouts; torching fuel remains best weapon for the 1,980 crew fighting a 75,486 acre wildland blaze. Containment improves to 25 percent. Read story.

Pano Provides Perspective

Image from Colson Canyon Ridge Shows Difficulty of Task

Why take just one picture when you can stitch five together? Read story.

La Brea Fire Proves Almost Impossible to Contain

View from the West Side Shows a Fire Totally Out of Control

Ray reports on the fire from the top of Colson Canyon last night. Read story.

Southbound 101 Commuters Warned of Ventura Fire

Blaze Reported to Have Grown Considerably South of Carp

A blaze south of Carpinteria has reportedly grown considerably. Read story.

La Brea Fire Report for Friday

Skies filled with smoke, some homes threatened by 67,000 acre blaze

Week-old Santa Maria area blaze threatens some homes and fills skies with smoke. Doubling in size since Thursday, 67,092 acres torched as 1,859 personnel now fight fire with fire. Read story.

Independent Interactive:

Public Resources

    Phone Numbers:
  • Public Information Hotline
    (805) 681-5195
  • SB Evacuation Info Line
    (805) 681-5195
  • Gap Fire Information
    (805) 961-5770
  • Reverse 911 sign-up line (to allow Fire personnel to reach you)
    (805) 681-4706
  • Forest Service Tip Line
    (805) 961-5710
  • Animal Shelter Hotline
    (805) 681-4332

    Radio Stations:
  • AM Stations: KTMS-990; KZSB-1290; KUHL-1410 and KINF-1440.
  • FM Stations: KCSB-91.9; KSPE-94.5
  • (Spanish); KSYV-96.7; KTYD-99.9; KSBL-101.7; KRAZ-105.9 and KIST-107.7.

  • Santa Barbara County's Channel 20
  • City of Santa Barbara, Channel 18
  • City of Goleta at Channel 19

    Additional Info:
  • In the event of a possible evacuation due to the Gap Fire the Public Health Department wants to identify individuals with special needs who may be unable to evacuate without help and those who need medical equipment that require electricity. please call (805) 968-0462 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

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