Zaca Fire 2007

Charges Dropped Against Men Who Started Zaca Fire

Judge Rules that Workers' Actions Did Not Constitute Recklessness

A judge ruled on Thursday that the workers' actions did not constitute recklessness. Read story.

County Gears Up for Rain

First Rainfall in Back Country Since Zaca Fire

First rainfall in back country since Zaca Fire. Read story.

Zaca Fire - Controlled or Contained?

Forest Service Explains Difference Between Fire Classifications

The Forest Service explains "contained" and "controlled." Read story.

Zaca Fire Impacts Will Linger for Years

The Sleeping Giant

It's been less than two months since flames raced through the Santa Barbara backcountry, burning more than 240,000 acres in a fire that took nearly two months and more than $120 million to put out. For a blaze that turned out to be historic in proportions-it was the county's largest and the state's second largest, at least in recorded history-it is remarkable how quickly the Zaca Fire has faded from our consciousness. Read story.

Forest Closure to be Reduced

Some parts of the forest will be re-opened for recreation but much of it will stay closed

Though it will be good news to those who want to get back out into Los Padres Forest, many will be disappointed at how little access will be allowed. What has been a summer-long closure of most of the Santa Barbara backcountry may extend thoughout the winter. Read story.

Zaca Fire Arraignment Delayed

DA Adds Fifth Felony Count

The ranch hands accused of starting the Zaca Fire showed up in court Thursday, but their arraignment was pushed back until October 15. Read story.

Charges Filed in Zaca Fire

Workers, Ranch Face Prosecution for Zaca Blaze

Two ranch workers are being criminally prosecuted for starting the Zaca Fire while trying to fix a pipe leading to a watering trough. Jose Jesus Cabrera, 38, of Santa Ynez, and Santiago Iniguez Cervantes, 46, of Santa Maria were charged on August 31 with four felony counts of "recklessly causing a fire"-one count each for three of the many workers injured fighting the blaze, plus one for the burned forest. Read story.

Zaca Fire Update

Last Updated: August 28, 2007 7:00 am. Containment: 95% contained - 240,207 acres

Last Updated: August 28, 2007 7:00 am. Containment: 95% contained - 240,207 acres Read story.

Fire Fighters Make Great Progress on Zaca Fireline

Sisquoc Line Almost Complete; Highway 33 Backfiring Gets Exciting

The backfire operations along Highway 33 provided fire fighters with lots of drama and plenty of fireworks. Read story.

Romero Canyon Single Track Receives a Facelift

Multi-Use Track May Follow

In an on again, off again saga, the Romero Canyon Single Track Trail was finally bulldozed all of the way through yesterday. It seemed as if each day would bring a new change in plan with dozers being pulled out one day, brought back in the next and then finally called off on the 3rd. Read story.

Zaca Fire May Be In Final Stages

Two Areas Left to Contain

With final containment achieved on the Live Oak side of the fire, 58 days after it began and more than 20 air miles away, fire officials turned their attention to the Richardson Zone. Read story.

Zaca Fire May Be Contained Behind Santa Barbara Today

Hot Shots Help Avoid the Final Backfire

At this morning's briefing, operations leaders pointed to the large map behind them to emphasize how close the Live Oak team was to finishing the final line around the fire in the Pendola area. Read story.

Firefighters To Burn The Final Piece

With Favorable Winds, Pendola Area Will Be Backfired

Firefighters were busy yesterday burning out the upper sections of Agua Caliente and Diablo Canyons. The hope had been to start from Pendola Jeepway, but these plans were dashed when the winds weren't right. Read story.

Showdown on Pendola Jeepway Delayed a Day

Winds not right for burn on areas threatened by Zaca Fire

Although today was billed as the day Santa Barbara could breathe easy as the fire danger was over, cross winds made it impossible to light the fire on the lower part of Pendola Jeepway. Read story.

Zaca Fire One Dogleg Short of Containment

Fire Fighters Will Back Fire Last Remaining Section Today

Yesterday afternoon, to the relief of many down in Santa Barbara who feared the fire had escaped containment lines, fire fighters pulled off one of the finest back fire operations ever performed. Read story.

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