Tea Fire Updates

Evacuation Warning Issued for Parts of Eastside

Evacuation Order Areas Defined

The Tea Fire burn area has already been evacuated, and authorities have issued an evacuation warning for parts of the Eastside as well. Read story.

Residents Below Tea Fire Zone Warned of Flooding

City and County Alert Unburned Area of Potential Damage

Areas outside the zone of the Tea Fire are warned of possible flooding; residents are alerted but not ordered to evacuate Read story.

Call Center Activated for Rain Questions

Answers about evacuation orders due to potential floods and mudslides in Tea Fire burn area. Read story.

Rain-Related Evacuations Begin

Residents of Tea Fire Burn Area Advised to Leave Their Homes

Residents of the Tea Fire burn area are being advised to leave their homes. Read story.

Rain-Related Evacuation Almost Certain

Which Homes and What Areas, However, Yet to Be Determined

Which homes and what areas, however, has yet to be determined. Read story.

Burned and Unsure

Insurance Options, Post-Tea Fire

A quick explanation of insurance options in the wake of the Tea Fire. Read story.

City and County Issue Evacuation Warning

Officials Concerned About Rain in Tea Fire Burn Area

With rains coming, city and county officials are asking residents in the Tea Fire burn area and below to prepare for evacuation. Read story.

National Weather Service Issues Flash Flood Watch

Residents Advised to Prepare for Potential Emergency

Potential heavy rains on Tuesday, November 25, may cause mudflows and flash floods. Read story.

UCSB Counseling Center Helps Tea Fire Victims

Free Sessions for the Burnt-Out Through February 1

Free sessions for the burnt-out through February 1. Read story.

Giving Thanks, Giving Aid

Spiritual Relief for Tea Fire Victims

Your Worship looks at spiritually minded relief for Tea Fire victims. Read story.

City, County Eyeing Flood Prevention in Sycamore Canyon

Those Near Burned Watershed Areas Encouraged to Have Insurance, Sandbags

Those near burned watershed areas encouraged to have insurance, sandbags. Read story.

Tips for Safe, Healthy Fire Cleaning

Some Recommendations for Those Beginning Recovery Work

Some recommendations for those beginning recovery work. Read story.

S.B. Symphony Thanks Firefighters with Concert

Valiant Efforts Last Week Rewarded by Performance of Dvorak

Last week's valiant efforts rewarded with performance of the music of Dvorak on Sunday. Read story.

Roosevelt Elementary Helps Out Tea Fire Victims

Saturday-Only Event Offers Free Housewares, Clothes, Work Supplies

Roughrider Giveaway offers free housewares, clothes, and work supplies. Read story.

Green Building Techniques Save Home on Mountain Drive

One Tea Fire Homeowner's Experience Is a Lesson for Us All

Green building techniques help save Marlene and David Berry's home from burning during the Tea Fire. Read story.

Montecito Water District Offers Assistance to Fire Victims

Board Approves Relief Program, Including Temporary Fee Reductions

The district will waive fees for those who lost their homes until new construction begins. Read story.

Free Legal Advice to Tea Fire Victims

Santa Barbara County Bar Association Helps Relief Effort

Santa Barbara County Bar Association helps relief effort. Read story.

Goats to the Rescue

Herd Hired to Eat Through Mission Canyon Fire Fodder

Herd hired to eat through Mission Canyon fire fodder. Read story.

Expect Smoke Around Tea Gardens Today

Fire Investigators Performing Tests; No Need for Concern

Fire investigators are scheduled to perform tests around 2 p.m. today at the fire's point of origin. Read story.

Nine of the "Tea Fire Ten" Went to City College

Andreea Serban Releases Statement Acknowledging Students' Role in Disaster

Andreea Serban released a statement this morning acknowledging the students' role in the disaster. Read story.

Saving the Riviera

Firefighters Make a Valiant Stand on Las Alturas Road

At 5:45 p.m. last Thursday, homeowner Jerry Siegel spotted a fire burning above Westmont College from his house at 638 Las Alturas Road. Read story.

Couple Escapes Tea Fire, Burned But Alive

Surviving Together

At a now-empty site where a small cottage once stood in Montecito's frontcountry, the only object that remains among the ashy rubble is a set of medieval armor, still fully intact. Read story.

The Tea Fire Devastates the Bohemia of Mountain Drive

The Phoenix Rises

Fire has always loomed as the great predator in the daily life and legend of Mountain Drive. Last week it looked like fire had finally won. Read story.

The Unusual History of the Tea Fire's Point of Origin

Aqueducts, Skateboards, and Flames

Before last week, Santa Barbara's Tea Gardens-a picturesque private park of bizarre aqueduct systems, broken-down statues, Romanesque arches, and stunning ocean views in the foothills above Westmont College-were a highlight of local lore for their quirky history and legendary status in the underground of skateboarding. Read story.

A Few Suggestions for Navigating the Rebuilding Labyrinth

Insurance, Permits, and Contactors

With the Tea Fire contained, the issue of what to do about the homes destroyed in the blaze has taken top priority for many. Read story.

Independent Interactive:

Public Resources

    Phone Numbers:
  • Public Information Hotline
    (805) 681-5197
  • Reverse 911 sign-up (If you don't already have a house phone, and want to add your wireless device to be contacted for emergencies)
    (805) 681-4100 or //
  • Forest Service Tip Line
    (805) 961-5710
  • Animal Shelter Hotline
    (805) 681-4332

    Radio Stations:
  • AM Stations: KTMS-990; KZSB-1290; KUHL-1410 and KINF-1440.
  • FM Stations: KCSB-91.9; KSPE-94.5
  • (Spanish); KSYV-96.7; KTYD-99.9; KSBL-101.7; KRAZ-105.9 and KIST-107.7.

  • Santa Barbara County's Channel 20
  • City of Santa Barbara, Channel 18
  • City of Goleta at Channel 19

    Additional Info:
  • In the event of a possible evacuation due to the Tea Fire the Public Health Department wants to identify individuals with special needs who may be unable to evacuate without help and those who need medical equipment that require electricity. please call (805) 968-0462 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

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