Debra Alice Stanbro

1956 - 2008

"Be Still my Sweet Courageous Child"

Be still my sweet courageous child, your spirit shall now sleep in the warmth of God's loving arms.

Rest your eyes upon His and embrace the love they offer you.

Inside His heart is the peace you long for.

Breathe in His breath which will give strength and courage in the time of your moment of weakness so, you may be set free to fly to distant shores.

Together with Him you shall begin a new journey to find eternal peace, joy and happiness.

May all of heaven rejoice with the sound of your sweet beautiful voice.

Know and be with a glad spirit my sweet courageous child that every step you have taken, he knew you would take.

The roads you have traveled He has seen.

The tears you have cried He has kept in a bottle close to his heart.

Know my sweet courageous child that he has been faithfully standing steadfast by your side never to leave nor forsake you waiting for the day to carry you home.

You will "forever" be deeply missed.

In loving memory of Debbie Stanbro

September 9th 1956- January 8, 2008

God's speed my dear friend

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