Shannon Butcher

1972 - 2014, Santa Barbara

Shannon Butcher aka Perris Knight Gage left her mom's arms to go to the light in the same SB house she was born in, leaving a sad Ryder, Wanda, Tim, Trevor, Cody, Ginger, Kevin, Yvonne, Sabrina, Donna, Dori, Byron, Pieter, Leslee, Al, Justin, Brock, Kalene, Craig, Corinnes', Venetta, Jake, Jesse, Toni, JD, Janine, Kent, Dee, Susan, Jon, Robin, Norma, Dudley, Woody, O'Shannon, Mark, Kristy, Garrett, DB, Eva, Ada, Marty, Brit, Rhonda, Janice, Vi, Gary, Jane, Olivia, Steven, Sylvie, Jacek, Karolina, Tharyn, Scott, Bodhi, Omar, Rae, Baja, & Todd.

After Santa Barbara -- Hollywood; as a photographer, artist, actress, and baseball player. Her greatest love was mother/wife - daughter, sister, friend. She loved everyone and Ore. summers - river in the woods, red rock, SB beaches, Hawaii, Guatemala, Jamaica, Thailand, Tahiti, India, Napal, Peru, China, and five years on a Mexican beach w/ her son, husband, mom, dad, and tribe. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Inside & Out. We miss her but the sky is one star brighter now. She is still here. thx hospice. First Annual See-Ya Siesta Fiesta Life's a Love and Light Zest Fest Aug 3rd. Peace. OM

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