Barbara H. Tompkins

Barbara H. Tompkins' book of life began on August 10, 1923 in Salem, Oregon. She was a writer and editor. On October 24, 2015, the last chapter was completed. Barbara’s book was finished in Palo Alto, CA. In 1975 she married historian and author, the late Walker A. Tompkins. She became his editor for his numerous books. He died in 1988 leaving a large manuscript-The Yankee Barbarenos. She edited it over a number of years when in 2004 it was published. She was a caring mother and was compassionate. She is survived by a Daughter, Diana Shoshana Wachner, San Francisco, CA, Son, Yaakov Wachner, Palo Alto, CA, Daughter-in-Law, Judy Wachner, Palo Alto, CA, Step Son, Reid Tompkins, Japan, Step Daughter, Joyce Kludt, Gilroy, CA and Step Daughter Pam Tompkins, Oceanside, CA.

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