Playlist: Carp / Ventura

By robert

[<PlaylistSong: Floater 6 -- U Need Me>, <PlaylistSong: Dave Gleason -- Look At The Way You've Become>, <PlaylistSong: Unfadeable -- Party Tonight>, <PlaylistSong: Unfadeable -- Callin' My Name>, <PlaylistSong: Strangebird -- Clawhammer>, <PlaylistSong: Todd Hannigan & The Heavy 29's -- Thicker>, <PlaylistSong: The Bad Trips -- Miracle of Marsh Chapel>, <PlaylistSong: IZE -- Organized Rituals>, <PlaylistSong: Strangebird -- Raffle Song>, <PlaylistSong: Lonesome Dub -- On Foot>, <PlaylistSong: Park Bench Prophets -- House Atreides>, <PlaylistSong: Strangebird -- Slinky>, <PlaylistSong: DJ Magneto -- African Bag Lady Sound>, <PlaylistSong: Franklin for Short -- Shot Like a Bird>, <PlaylistSong: Le Meu Le Purr -- A New Canvas>, <PlaylistSong: IZE -- Inovata>, <PlaylistSong: Unfadeable -- Don't Leave Me>, <PlaylistSong: Shades of Day -- MAYDAY!>, <PlaylistSong: Cowboy Surfer -- Original Sin>] 19

Track listing

  1. Floater 6"U Need Me" Add to playlist
  2. Dave Gleason"Look At The Way You've Become" Add to playlist
  3. Unfadeable"Party Tonight" Add to playlist
  4. Unfadeable"Callin' My Name" Add to playlist
  5. Strangebird"Clawhammer" Add to playlist
  6. Todd Hannigan & The Heavy 29's"Thicker" Add to playlist
  7. The Bad Trips"Miracle of Marsh Chapel" Add to playlist
  8. IZE"Organized Rituals" Add to playlist
  9. Strangebird"Raffle Song" Add to playlist
  10. Lonesome Dub"On Foot" Add to playlist
  11. Park Bench Prophets"House Atreides" Add to playlist
  12. Strangebird"Slinky" Add to playlist
  13. DJ Magneto"African Bag Lady Sound" Add to playlist
  14. Franklin for Short"Shot Like a Bird" Add to playlist
  15. Le Meu Le Purr"A New Canvas" Add to playlist
  16. IZE"Inovata" Add to playlist
  17. Unfadeable"Don't Leave Me" Add to playlist
  18. Shades of Day"MAYDAY!" Add to playlist
  19. Cowboy Surfer"Original Sin" Add to playlist

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