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#1 cuttooth@IndyFun for 3 months in the summer of 1987 i had "labour of love" stuck in the tape deck of my VW van and it was all i could listen to o_0 91% 262 votes
#2 DrFriction@IndyFun Nov '88. After a long day of 3rd grade, time for some MTV. UB40 has red red wine, I have Halloween candy to make me feel so fine. 5% 15 votes
#3 TantraWest@IndyFun 1 yr ago nxt wk...1st dance with new wife "Can't Help Falling in Love" (UB40 vers.) aboard the Channel Cat at our wedding at sunset 0% 2 votes
#4 kajums@IndyFun i would listen to ub40 on kruz as a kid. every time i hear red red wine it takes me back to the 90's. so excited 4 the show! 1% 3 votes
#5 KaseyMadi@IndyFun My BFF got me hooked on UB40 in 8th gr.After 20 yrs apart we have reconnected and she wants to travel to SB to go see UB40 2gether 1% 5 votes
287 total votes
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