The Gallegly bill, which increases Los Padres protected wilderness, AND increases off-road motorized areas:

is a travesty. 66% 51 votes
might need tweaking but is a good starting point. 33% 26 votes
77 total votes


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Research for yourself the truth the bill DOES NOT OPEN an equal amount of acres to OHV use The two areas in the bill are already managed marked trail only systems it just makes boundarys for this type of use, no new trials will be in these two areas except a half mile entrance to Ballinger Cyn. The LPNF now has 48.6% of its land as Wilderness, 27.6% classed as semi primitive non-motorized (de facto Wilderness) 18% semi primitive motorized (also classed as Backcountry) so 75.9% is closed to multiple use types such as the old the very young fourwheelers and yes OHV. Is it too much to ask that when we make more Wilderness that we create more access in the 18% of the forest where multiple use is allowed, come on lets be honest.

Kurt (anonymous profile)
March 20, 2012 at 6 p.m. (Suggest removal)

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