Are you enrolling in Obamacare (aka Affordable Care Act)?

Definitely, $700 a month for my family of four is a good deal. 3% 14 votes
Heck no! House Republicans and I agree — obstruct Obamacare! 16% 60 votes
Heck yeah! I'm signing up between October and March! 9% 35 votes
I'm covered by Medicare, so I don't need to. 11% 41 votes
No need, I'm on Medi-Cal; in 2014 it covers people making $15,856 or less. 1% 4 votes
Nope, I'll pay the $95 penalty, but in 2016 it goes up to $695! 3% 14 votes
Thankfully, my employer covers me and my family, so no need. 47% 175 votes
Why not? I'm self-employed, make less than $27K, and need insurance; $175 a month is way better than no coverage. 6% 22 votes
365 total votes
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