Can you spot the untruth about the June 3 election?

Sixteen people are running for governor, including a Trotskyist, a registered sex offender, a Goldman Sachs investment banker, and someone named Edmund Brown. 3% 8 votes
A pro–gun control candidate for Secretary of State was arrested in March for gun trafficking. 4% 9 votes
Five candidates for seven county offices are running unopposed. 1% 3 votes
Nine people want to be our Congressperson, including a heart surgeon, a Santa Barbara city councilperson, a soft-core porn actor, and a school nurse. 3% 7 votes
Two candidates for the same office have the same name. 2% 6 votes
Oh, come on, you made 'em all up. 4% 10 votes
Yikes, they're all true! 80% 175 votes
218 total votes
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