Skateboarding Education Campaign

Skateboarding Education Campaign

SANTA BARBARA, CA – August 14th, 2014

Beginning next week, the Santa Barbara Police Department will step-up enforcement of skateboard violations in the downtown corridor. The impetus for increased enforcement is public safety: collisions involving or caused by skateboarders. A few of the collisions involve motor vehicles, but many more involve pedestrians struck by fast moving skateboarders weaving down sidewalks. Many struck pedestrians were elderly; some sustained injuries. Complaints of near-misses number in the hundreds. The growing crescendo of citizen complaints can no longer be ignored.
Prior to the increased enforcement, the Police Department’s goal is education: Inform the public, explain the hazards, and enjoin skateboarders to voluntarily comply with the law. While many local skaters already know the law, police officers are currently giving warnings and handing out flyers explaining the regulations. More flyers are being posted in downtown businesses frequented by skateboard enthusiasts. Our goal is voluntary compliance. Repeat violators are being cited, and there will be stepped-up enforcement beginning next week.

Skateboarding is not a crime; it is allowed on the vast majority of City sidewalks and parkways. The City maintains a free skating facility on prime beachfront property, at 100 E. Cabrillo Blvd. However, Santa Barbara Municipal code section 10.06.010 prohibits skateboarding, roller skating, and in-line skating on sidewalks and public walkways within the following areas:
· On any public street. This is prohibited by the Vehicle Code. Skateboarders are considered pedestrians.

· Sidewalks, walkways, and public ways maintained by the City, bordered by: Sola Street to the north, Chapala Street on the west, Santa Barbara Street on the east, and Cabrillo Blvd. on the south. This area is commonly called the downtown corridor.

· The south sidewalk of Cabrillo Blvd, from Santa Barbara Street to Milpas Street.

· The sidewalks on either side of Coast Village Road.

· The Breakwater; and docks, floats, and ramps in the Harbor.

· Any other location posted with prohibitive signs.

The public’s cooperation is appreciated! For further information, contact Sergeant Holtke, 805-897-2300

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