Water Contaminants Along the Delaware River

Santa Barbara, CA (August 2014) — Blue Ocean Sciences (BOS), LLC, a local clean water technology company, is partnering with Margo Pellegrino – an elite athlete, ocean conservationist, and mother of two – who believes in the importance of preserving the quality of our water: the ocean and freshwater sources. On August 14, 2014, Margo will begin paddling approximately 300 miles from Trenton, New Jersey on the Delaware River to Newark’s new public boat launch and park on the Passaic River. Along the way, she will collect 100 water samples with Hope2o water analysis kits ($100,000 USD in value) provided by BOS as a donation. In her outrigger canoe, Margo will explore many areas accessible only by water vessels. In using Hope2o, she will help BOS provide an in-depth analysis of the water quality through several inland waterways.

Growing up in Willingboro and Medford, NJ, Margo has always been an adventurer – exploring nature, swimming in the ocean and paddling in the rivers. Throughout her paddling career, Margo has traversed from Seattle to San Diego, Florida to Maine, New Jersey through the Chesapeake Bay, and Miami to New Orleans. This summer, Margo embarks on another adventure starting from Trenton, NJ, traveling down the Delaware River and ending up in Newark on the Passaic River.

Throughout her journey this summer, Margo will meet with various organizations such as Clean Ocean Action, NY/NJ Baykeeper, Raritan Baykeeper, and New Jersey Sierra Club. As an ocean activist, Margo has been addressing many layers of our water issues including disposable plastics, the flooding and vulnerability of riverfront and coastal structures, and the contamination of various bodies of water such as: oceans, rivers, and underground aquifers. Currently, most of New Jersey rivers are used for recreational activities that include river tubing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and fishing. They are also utilized by an increasing number of commercial fisheries companies. In using Hope2o water analysis kits, accurate data will also be available as an integrated and easy-to-read digital map of regional water contaminants.

Hope2o water analysis kit has the capability of testing for a wide range of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, and organic chemicals in both salt and freshwater. In the same way families use smoke detectors in homes, Hope2o is a solution to detect water contaminants and their concentration. Hope2o is a simple solution to provide accurate information on water quality and provide peace of mind. This water analysis kit is simple to use and uniquely capable of detecting chemicals down to the part per trillion (ppt) – since low-level contamination can have detrimental health effects when consumed over long periods of time.

For more information about Margo Pellegrino’s adventure this summer, visit her blog or follow her journey on social media with the hashtags #Trenton2Newark and #AroundNJ9Days.

For more information about Blue Ocean Sciences, LLC, and/or Hope2o, or to schedule an interview with the founding CEO and water expert, Dr. Andrea Neal, contact Minh Tran at (951) 317-8481 or

About Dr. Andrea Neal

Dr. Andrea Neal - founder and CEO of Blue Ocean Sciences (BOS) LLC - has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biochemistry and over 15 years of experience working with environmental toxins, water contaminants, and remediation on all levels. As the “Water Doctor”, Dr. Neal works with a team of innovative scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to map water quality around the U.S. She has also worked on a wide range of projects including bio-fuel development and nano-toxicity studies. Dr. Neal served the Principal Investigator of Project Kaisei in 2009 and as one of the Principal Investigators for the 2011 Lone Ranger Transatlantic Investigation of Marine Pollutants with the Schmidt Ocean Institute. In addition, Dr. Neal is the Science Advisor for Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society.

As an expecting mother, Dr. Neal understands the potential effects that low-level contaminants can have on her unborn child and the importance of providing safe drinking water sources for her and her family. Through BOS, LLC, Dr. Neal is creating solutions and advancing clean water technologies to solve large-scale environmental and water quality problems. BOS, LLC technologies address short and long-term exposure (to pharmaceuticals, pesticides, organic chemicals, heavy metals, and hormones) and offers peace of mind to communities across the nation.

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