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What happened 5 years ago in our local food system?

Major Pillars of the Local Food System all Celebrate Turning Five Together!

WHERE: Plaza Vera Cruz Park in Santa Barbara, across from Saturday Farmers Market
WHEN: Saturday, September 27, 2014
WHO: Edible SB Magazine, Whole Foods SB, Nimita’s Cuisine, Ellwood Canyon Farms, Local Harvest Delivery, The SB Independent Foodie Awards, SOL Food Festival
WHY: To celebrate five years of food­focused community building and positive change

Santa Barbara, CA – Something delicious was in the air five years ago, as seven major pillars of our local food system stepped boldly onto the scene for the first time. Edible SB Magazine began publishing their beautiful food­focused publication. Whole Foods Market Santa Barbara opened its doors to the public, connecting our local scene to the forefront of the nation­wide natural foods store movement. Nimita’s Cuisine began serving up delicious vegetarian Indian cuisine using primarily organic local ingredients, providing a global flavor to the SOL movement. Ellwood Canyon Farms was established with a commitment to bridging relationships between foodies and farmers. Local Harvest Delivery began offering ‘sustainable food on wheels’ direct from local farms to Santa Barbara homes, modeling Community Supported Agriculture at its finest. The SB Independent, always on top of the current trends, launched ‘The Foodie Awards’ as a way to appreciate all the amazing players in our local food system. And SOL Food Festival was born, with the intention of keeping a conversation at the forefront of our awareness­­ this conversation is about how we can be empowered to embrace a food system that revolves around Seasonal, Organic, Local foods.

What we’ve seen here in Santa Barbara over the last 5 years is a proactive, solutions­based approach to some of the problems being identified by scholars researching Global Food Justice & Food Security. In these times of big industrial agribusiness, the proliferation of GMOs, and lingering unexamined belief structures left over from ‘The Green Revolution’, Santa Barbara is emerging as a model for what’s possible. Santa Barbara County is arguably on the forefront of the Seasonal, Organic, Local food movement and at the heart, is a humble one day festival in September, The SOL Food Festival.

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