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Tullis Nominated for Peace Prize

Recent city council candidate Darrell Tullis has been nominated for the 2014 Lompoc Valley of the Flowers Peace Prize.

The phrase Speak Truth to Power was a charge given to Eighteenth Century members of the Religious Society of Friends, who refused to support the king’s military expeditions against Native Americans, to speak up and tell the truth about the wrongness of the king’s military actions. We believe we saw truth spoken to power in Mr. Tullis’ statements during the recent election campaign. Mr. Tullis addressed the City Council with regard to controversy over the Lompoc swap meet.

“The swap meet was one of the few places where different parts of our community could come together,” Tullis said. “Some council members said swap meet difficulties were the concessionaire’s fault. I told them, ‘If that is the case, [since] the property belongs to the city, you have power to fire the concessionaire and hire a new manager. Don’t punish the vendors and the public because the city allowed it to be mismanaged for so many years. Don’t close a 25 -year tradition when so many were able to benefit from it.’ Every reason they gave to close it could be solved if they were willing to do the hard work, not the easy thing of just shutting it down.”

Mr. Tullis is a 14-year resident of Lompoc. The son of Pastor Dan Tullis (deceased), longtime pastor of Grace Temple Missionary Baptist Church, and Deloris Washington Tullis, he is father of four and grandfather of three. He is a retired US Air Force veteran. He holds a degree from Mercer University. He is Associate Minister at New Beginnings Missionary Baptist Church and is employed at Vandenberg.

Tullis joins nine other nominees, including assistant school superintendent Sid Haro, volunteer Jon Vanderhoof, discussion convenor Lauren Pressman, musician Bill Carlsen, gardener Jan Martinez, writer Luciana Gallegos, chef Norma Anderson, cooperative organizer Raquel Ceja-Gonzalez, and winemaker Mark Cargasacchi.

The Peace Prize will be awarded Sunday, January 25 at Valley of the Flowers Church.

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