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Water Wise Citizen Spotlight: Chef Perez

SANTA BARBARA, CA – December 18, 2014

“Think about every drop of water that you are using, start there,” said Chef Robért Perez of the downtown Seagrass Restaurant and sister restaurant The Black Sheep. Chef Perez is not only passionate about his culinary creations, he is also dedicated to keeping his restaurants water wise.

Standing in the kitchen in his crisp whites, Chef Perez explained his drive, “It starts with your personal philosophy as an individual and carries over into the work world – being cautious with our natural resources.” After taking over Seagrass four years ago, he applied his commitment to conserving natural resources which has helped his bottom line every month.

“I saw water and money flowing down the drain,” said Chef Perez as he outlined his drive to cut his water use. Even after adding The Black Sheep restaurant next door to the same water meter, he was able to cut his water use and his water bill by 50%! He worked directly with all of his staff members to turn off running water during dish cleaning, repurpose water multiple times before pouring anything down the drain, fixing leaky faucets, and adding aerators to his faucet heads. Not satisfied with guessing if his water conserving practices were enough, he sought and received a free water checkup from the City of Santa Barbara who gave him a top rating.

As a chef and businessman, Robért Perez is a model water wise citizen, and his dedication to water conservation shows. If you are interested in learning more about these stories or how you can reduce water use at your home or business, please visit or call (805) 564-5460.


Contact: Madeline Ward, Acting Water Conservation Coordinator

Phone: (805) 897-2672


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