Help the Missing, Inc., dba We Help the Missing is proud to announce the launch of their organization. Help the Missing, Inc. is a Domestic Non-Profit Corporation, (pending 501(c)3 status), which is comprised of a team of volunteers, investigators, and bikers who selflessly dedicate themselves to locating missing persons, no matter the age or how long your loved one has been missing.

We Help the Missing believes that immediate exposure by use of news
and social media aids in locating a missing loved one. We Help the Missing also utilizes “boots on the ground” process which includes field searches, hanging posters, gathering of Intel and following all leads with professional investigators. We Help the Missing also offers Search and Rescue (SAR) and forensic experts when available and as needed.

Every missing person and their families deserve highly skilled
Professional Investigators who provide professional investigative
techniques and corroborate with law enforcement and families during each investigation.

Their Search Team Against Time (S.T.A.T.) Team is a team of
dedicated, rapid response bikers who will respond to the last known
locations, gather information, assist with placing posters vital areas and report to the assigned investigators.

We Help the Missing Corporate Officers and Directors have a widely
diverse field of knowledge and many decades of combined experience in locating missing persons. Each team member is highly motivated,
professional, compassionate to those in need, and will dedicate their time, hearts, and knowledge to help bring the missing loved one home.

The community volunteers for We Help the Missing perform a variety
of functions within the organization as well as communities.

Your family is our family. Coping with a missing loved one is
traumatic and overwhelming. We want our families to know that you are never alone. We offer continued support and are totally committed to our families during this very difficult time.
Please contact We Help the Missing at our website:[1] or our Facebook page at[2].

Please visit our website and get to know our family!

If you or your family has a missing loved one, please allow We Help
the Missing to assist your family through this difficult time. The Intake Form listed on the website will be confidential and allow our team members to start the process of locating your missing loved one.

Never Lose Hope !!!


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