King and Queen of the 2014 Solstice Celebration

Coronation: Friday, June 13, 7-10pm

All hail the king and queen of the 2014 Summer Solstice Celebration!

And the winners of the royal raffle are―trumpets blare!―John Chufar and Jeanette Casillas. The two lucky locals will be crowned at the Arts Foundry, 120 Santa Barbara St., on Friday, June 13 at 8:00pm. The coronation is open to all royal subjects (the public) and vino from Fox Winery will be available for purchase.

A lifelong friend (since grammar school) purchased John Chufar’s winning ticket. Present at the Sojourner Café on June 8 when his ticket was selected in the drawing, John says he was “stunned.” John, a realtor with Sterling Properties, hails from Carpinteria. Twice, he’s appeared in the Solstice parade, pushing floats as they are all people powered (no motors). This year, John’s footman will be his fiancé Robert Johns.

“It was a shock,” Jeanette says of the phone call she received announcing her win. “I am excited and looking forward to the big day.” Jeanette, the General Manager/Graphic Designer/Translator at Casa Magazine, has lived in the area/Lompoc since moving here at age 5. Jeanette’s lady in waiting will be her younger sister Kristin Casillas.

Decked out in their royal Solstice garb (complete with crowns), King John and Queen Jeanette will be pushed on their thrones thru the Solstice parade. “This year’s parade theme is games,” says Solstice Executive Director Claudia Bratton. “And we’ll have ‘Game With Thrones’ on parade day!”

The royal couple’s hair and makeup will be done by “Simply Made-Up by Chris Kelley.” The winners receive a regal night stay at the historic Upham Hotel, and kingly meals at Opal, The Palace, and Pascucci restaurants.

Raffle and coronation proceeds benefit the non-profit Summer Solstice Celebration. The Summer Solstice Parade has a high noon start time on Saturday, June 21, the actual summer Solstice;

Long live King John and Queen Jeanette!

Crown photo credit: Eddie Frye

Fitting caption: Solstice Head costumer Tracy Jackson with Queen Jeanette Casillas and Executive Director Claudia Bratton

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