Flutter Magazine Lands in Barnes & Noble Stores

Flutter Magazine, a new re-imagining of the traditional bridal and lifestyle magazine that began as a digital format, is now in Barnes & Noble stores throughout California after only two print editions. Launched in 2012 in Santa Barbara by the creative team of Kim Wiseley and Tracy Lazaro with plans of producing one digital version per season, it quickly became apparent that there was a huge demand for Flutter in print. So with the can-do spirit of true entrepreneurs, they went to print!

After the first two print editions of Flutter flew off the shelves at targeted locations from San Diego to San Francisco, Barnes & Noble quickly decided to put the third edition of the beautiful magazine, which reflects the highly visual style of blogs, in all their California stores.

“We are thrilled to be reaching an even wider audience with the new edition of Flutter,” says Wiseley, the editor-in-chief. “The theme of this current issue is Astrology. There’s a 30-page editorial section dedicated to bridal astrology that’s chock full of inspiration for your wedding day (or any day, really) based on your sign of the zodiac. Brides will find truly stunning ideas for tables, flowers, dress options, how to do their hair, and much more.”

The magazine, blogs, recipes and lots of beautiful imagery are available online at With the Santa Barbara American Riviera and flourishing wine country acting as their muse, the magazine is designed for anyone interested in the art of weddings and chic gatherings. But as Wiseley points out, “Flutter style” can be used anywhere.

Wiseley and Lazaro expect to have national distribution by the end of the year. With the tag line of “Inspiration to make your heart skip a beat”, they seem to be inspiring a lot of brides!

For more information about Flutter magazine, to receive a print edition and/or to arrange an interview with Kim Wiseley and Tracy Lazaro, please contact Kim Wiseley via email at or by phone at 856-816-7158.


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