MCS Graduation

Last Thursday, Montessori Center School hosted its graduation reception in celebration of the graduating class

of 2014.

MCS congratulated its graduates as they prepare for the next big phase of their education — junior high. During

the ceremony, graduating sixth-graders gave impressive and heartfelt speeches to a packed house highlighting

their valued experiences at the school. Nearly half of the students who stood on the stage had attended

Montessori Center since they were toddlers, and fondly referred to the school as their second home and the

teachers as members of their family.

MCS Head of School Patricia Colby handed out diplomas to the graduating class and to those children who were

moving up to the next program level.

We at MCS wish these students all the best and are so very proud of them! Each of them represents what is best

about a MCS education in their own unique way. May they always remember that learning is fun, that you learn

from mistakes, that everybody has gifts and challenges, that we are more similar than we are different and that

we can solve big problems when we work together.

Our graduates are:

Max Alexander

Sophia Alexander

Katie Baker

Nathan Cohen

Sophia Colby

Kiara Linver

Parker May

Helena McGinnes

Alex Moosbrugger

Isabella Pinter

Dylan Sager

Jessica Uyeno

Emily Vesper

Jasper Williams


Garrett Durand
Director of Development and Marketing
Montessori Center School
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